Revisiting the Past

There is something about the past that seems to draw people in. Certain things seems to trigger us and suddenly we turn our attention to days gone by. Hopefully, the memories we recall are happy ones, something that gives us time to pause and reflect, even for just a little while.

It’s a snowy day here in Nova Scotia. It is supposed to turn over to rain at some point today, but in my little corner we haven’t seen any signs of that yet.

Snowy days often inspire me to write. Many years ago, The Antigonish Review published a story of mine titled, “The Red Geranium.” It was my second published story. In that story, a snow storm is raging and a girl and her mother are out in it.

Over the years, The Red Geranium has played on my mind. And so I recently decided to do something about it. I’m not exactly sure why as it’s already been published, but I feel as though these characters have more to say. Not only that, I can’t seem to kick the notion that one day I’d be pleased as punch to have a collection of my stories published in book form. Who knows maybe one day a publisher will jump at the chance to publish a collection of my short stories. What I do know is that if it is meant to be , it will be. Time reveals all things.

In the mean time, it’s nice to take a small break from the novel I’m working on. Yes, we writers do get bogged down in our work sometimes and welcome a change. Speaking of change, as I get ready to hit “publish” on this post, the snow here had now made the change-over and the temperature is now on the plus side. Time to get writing.

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  1. syr ruus

     /  December 16, 2021

    Your wonderful short stories have been waiting to be collected in book form for quite some time. Hope it happens soon. This long time fan has been waiting also. Hope it happens soon.


    • Thank you, Syr for always being so wonderfully supportive. I hope you have a lovely Christmas. Looking forward to getting together with you some time in 2022.


  2. I think a collection of your short stories would be a great idea. I have read a few of them and they are great. I have been thinking of doing something similar. (Great minds…)


  3. I worked outside all morning cleaning the barn while the snow was falling gently. It was a quiet, peaceful morning. I was hoping the rain would hold off until I was done, and it did.

    The Red Geranium: well, that stirred up memories of the past. Long ago (in the 70s and 80s), driving into Dartmouth on Portland Street, there was a little white house on the corner of a side street. All winter in their porch windows were red geraniums in bloom. My father had once told me a Second World War veteran and his wife lived there. The geraniums bloomed in those windows for a few decades.

    Where we camp, there was an elderly gentleman, a long-time friend of the family, who lived alone in a small cottage. It couldn’t have been more than 16 feet square. It was kept very tidy. In the front window, a red geranium bloomed. When he passed away, I remembered him and the lone flower in my gardening column.

    Thanks for rekindling these memories.

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  4. It doesn’t often take much to rekindle memories of things we might not have thought of in a very long time. Sounds like nice memories, Diane!

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