Nor’easter–Take Two

I’m sitting here in my living room this morning looking out at the snow on the ground and the foggy air–yes, it looks foggy! The temperate has risen from the toe-biting cold of a few days ago to +2 c. Here in Nova Scotia we’re waiting for another nor’easter that is heading our way sometime today and into tomorrow. I’d be content to sit inside the house and revise some short stories, but we have to go out to pick something up. Sometimes you don’t have a choice.

I hope everyone in the Maritimes have their storm chips handy, although I know one person who is going out to pick up storm bananas; another person likes storm dulse. In case you’ve never had dulse ( and if you don’t live near the coast there’s a good chance you haven’t) it’s basically dried seaweed that has been called a Superfood by some as it has many nutritional benefits. Some might say it’s an acquired taste, but hey, it’s probably better for you than the standard storm chips, right? PS: dulse is tasty when toasted on top of the wood stove.

My point is, when you’re hunkering down, snacks play an intricate part, so whether it be bananas, dulse, or chips, it can bring comfort when you’re stuck inside on a stormy day.

Don’t forget to have some water drained off, and flashlights and oil lamps ready to go, in case there’s a power outage which often happens here during a storm, along with a fuzzy warm blanket and a hot cup of tea.

With winter comes storms with snow and ice and wind and sometimes rain, it’s inevitable. That’s what winter is.

Stay snug and warm and hopefully there won’t be too much snow for us to dig out from when it’s over.

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  1. Stay warm and safe. I would need some storm chocolate. I always have some on hand, just in case.


    • I have a lot of chocolate here but have been trying to save it for more desperate times. It’s raining now and +5. It will be interesting to see how quickly things will change overnight.

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  2. The rain is beating on the window this dark night. It’s 0 degrees, so I don’t think the rain will stick around for long. I suppose we’ll have a good coating of ice from freezing rain before this turns into the predicted snow. Either way, we’re ready with the generator if the power goes.

    The lovely thing about having farm animals is I get to experience the weather first hand regardless of what it is. That’ means I’ve been out in hurricanes, lightening storms, blizzards and Nor’easters. We suit up and go. That’s just the way is. It’s always an adventure.

    And then we retreat for a hot tea or cocoa. Here’s to the power staying on for Nova Scotia tonight. And if it doesn’t, well, it’s nothing we all ain’t seen before.


    • I’m certainly glad we got rain first before the snow or we’d have been buried for sure. Our power was out for about 30 hrs but has been on and off since a bit after 10 this morning. We also had no phone or internet during that time. Luckily there were no emergencies during that time. I hope you faired better than we did, Diane. I wonder when the next storm is coming. Hmmm.

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      • There was lots of ice to chip away and snowdrifts to plough through, but we faired well. The car tent where we put our shavings caught air and landed about 100 feet from where it was. Thankfully, we had the few remaining bags in the hay shed. We did not lose power, but it flickered.

        The next storm? I heard it was less than a week away. Oh, January, you are half over. Yeah!



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