Shout-out for Amanda Ross

I was beyond thrilled when Darlene Foster’s latest book, Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady arrived in my mailbox earlier this week. It’s the eighth book in the series that follows Amanda Ross on her adventures around the globe. You can be sure, I’ll be sharing this gem with my granddaughter who is also a fan. Thank you, Darlene!

PS: It you’re looking for a book series for the young person in your life, you may have just found it. I can’t tell you how good it feels good to settle into another Amanda adventure on this chilly Saturday.

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  1. Glad it arrived OK. Enjoy the adventure!


  2. Jill E MacLean

     /  January 23, 2022

    Nice to have books to recommend to your granddaughter, Laura! I wrote my first kids’ book for my grandson, many years ago. Do you get to read to her or is she too old/young for that?

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    • Charlotte is twelve and has been reading independently since she was three. I’d love to read to her, but unfortunately, she lives in another province and I’ve only seen her twice in the past two years. 😦 I remember that you wrote “The Nine Lives of Travis Keating” for your grandson. I expect he is all grown up by now. They tend to do that–far too quickly, I might add. ❤


  3. Darlene is almost as prolific s you! Love your new Blog wallpaper – looks vintage.

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    • I’m not sure if I’m keeping the wallpaper. There’s not a lot to choose from. I wanted to change the look when I get time, maybe once the first round of edits.



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