There’s Always the Weather

If you live in the Maritimes it’s safe to say that talking about the weather takes up a certain portion of your day. It’s part of what we do. Whether you know someone or just met them, it’s a topic for conversation–the cold and snow of winter (or else our unusual mild spells), dry summer/wet summer, cold springs, wet fall, warm falls–there are so many possibilities and we Maritimers take notice of them all. Mind you, we don’t always complain. We do get our share of, what some might call, perfect days from a weather standpoint. So please don’t feel sorry for us Maritimers. We are not digging ourselves out of huge snowbanks ten months out of the year. I promise you!

With that said, this weekend we do happen to be digging out from our third Nor’easter of the year. Yes, I did say third. But it’s January and we must remember that. A year without snow in January, now that would be talk-worthy for this Maritimer.

We all have thoughts about the snow. Watching from the safety of their windows, some declare it beautiful, others look at it as an opportunity to get some exercise shoveling or maybe skiing or snowshoeing. It’s just a matter of perception for many of us. We can love it or hate it, the choice is always our own.

This morning I’m sipping coffee and waiting to get back to work on my edits. I’ve been wanting to make some changes to the opening but have been working on other parts of the manuscript in the meantime, knowing that at some point the opening sentences I’d been looking for would come. It happened late last night and common sense ordered me downstairs to write it down. I obeyed. I can’t tell you how many times a sentence will to me as I’m lying with my head on the pillow, but then disappears come morning. Yes, I know better. These words/sentences are fleeting even when we’re convinced that we’ll remember come morning because that sentence is just that great.

This time I listened to that little voice inside that said, “Drag your sorry butt out of bed and write this down.” Well, those might not have been the exact words, but you get my drift–and I don’t mean snow drift.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and send me some positive vibes as I work out the bumps in my manuscript.

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  1. It dropped down to 2 degrees last night! I’m just not used to that anymore. But it is sunny and close to 20C today so not complaining. Weather is talked about a lot in real life so I think it’s important to include it in our stories. Ideas come at the strangest times so it’s important to write them down. Positive vibes flying across the water to you.


    • 2 degrees? We had -26 one night last week, but you’re a Prairie girl and have seen temperatures much colder than that, I’m sure. Thanks for the positive vibes. I believe it’s helping!!


  2. As I read this, I’m thinking of the snow predicted for this weekend to pile on that which came with the Nor’easter you spoke about last weekend. It’s raining here now but when the temperature drops, we expect snow and lots of it.

    Yesterday, my daughter said, “Another weekend, another snow storm.” That’s the way it’s been going. I’m sure there’s a meme out there for that. Perhaps we should change ‘What follows two days of rain in Nova Scotia?’ to ‘What follows two days of snow in Nova Scotia?” The answer: Monday.

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    • At this point, I just hope to keep power. We do have a generator, which is helpful, but still dang inconvenient by times. The one storm we lost power for 30 hrs. Keeping my fingers crossed for this next one on the way.

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  3. We have a generator, too, along with a few other things to keep us going. We lost power this morning for some odd reason. I hope it is not a sign of what is to come. My fingers are crossed, too.

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