Groundhog Day 65 Years Ago

Growing up, Groundhog Day was the day that was supposed to be the predictor for the arrival of Spring. If the little creature saw his shadow, he would crawl back into his den and we’d have six more weeks of winter. While today, they roust the little critter out by eight in the morning, my memory says the time was eleven in the morning or maybe even high noon.

I long ago figured out that regardless of all that, there is most always six more weeks of winter. Who were they trying to kid?

65 years ago, my parents tied the knot on Groundhog Day. I don’t recalling ever asking what the weather was like that day. My dad’s been gone for over 30 years and yet I still think of it as their anniversary. I asked Mum this morning if they’d purposely chosen Groundhog Day to get married as I imagined there might be a story behind it. But I was left with the task of inventing something on my own, as apparently there was no ulterior motive behind the choosing of that particular date. Maybe that is why writers make up things. They say real life is stranger than fiction, but sometimes real life is mundane. Here’s the true story: They were married at a church with two witnesses and I believe the only photo from that day is a black and white photo snapped outside in the snow with everyone wearing their winter attire.

Most of the day here in my little corner was overcast, so I’m going to guess that if the groundhog saw way to digging himself out of his den today, he likely spent the day frolicking in the snow. If, indeed, groundhogs frolic.

While I’ve been enjoying snowshoeing this winter, I can say I’m not all that struck on the many storms we’ve been having. There’s apparently another one coming Friday. Let’s hope we don’t lose power once again.

I hope you found away to enjoy this Groundhog Day whether it holds special meaning for you or is simply another day in February. Perhaps you can make up your own story.

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  1. Today is traditionally Groundhog Day but it is also World Read Aloud Day (a more modern occasion). I read aloud to a group of students at a school in Texas. It was so much fun and I didn’t have to leave my home office in Spain. Life is good whether the groundhog saw his or her shadow or not!


  2. I still think of my parents’ anniversary (September 22nd), too, even though Dad died 32 years ago this May. He’d have been 100 on March 15th.

    The thing about Groundhog Day that is illogical to me is: If he saw his shadow, it meant it was sunny and more than likely warm. He’d bask in the shine, not run from it.

    Groundhog Day reminds me of the great Groundhog Day storm in Nova Scotia. I was only a kid, but remember well the damage caused in my neighbourhood.

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    • I agree, it does seem a bit backwards. Plus I’m amazed at how it’s been publicized by the media. Of course, it’s just a fun thing in the middle of winter. I just checked on the Groundhog Day storm. It was back in 1976.

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  3. The media is a confusing monster. The kids promoted Groundhog Day, and so my kids were well informed about it. I was 9 when that storm blew through Nova Scotia. I don’t remember the actual storm, only the aftermath.

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  4. Groundhog Day is the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. So, it can be either spring arrving 6 weeks early or winter hanging on for another 6 weeks. Our Groundhog Day in Colorado, it was a snowy, cold day. Definitely, a day to stay inside. ❄❄❄❄



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