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Today, I’m pleased to welcome author Suzanne Atkinson as a guest on my blog.

L. P. Suzanne Atkinson was born in New Brunswick, Canada and lived in both Alberta and Quebec before settling in Nova Scotia in 1991. She has degrees from Mount Allison, Acadia, and McGill universities. Suzanne spent her professional career in the fields of mental health and home care. She also owned and operated, with her husband, both an antique business and a construction business for more than twenty-five years. Suzanne writes about the unavoidable consequences of relationships. She uses her life and work experiences to weave stories that cross many boundaries. She and her husband, David Weintraub, make Bedford, Nova Scotia their home.

April 4 2022

According to my mother, who told anyone who would listen, I began my writing life as a poet. This phase of my growing up is difficult to recall. As an homage to my departed parent, though, I included a poem in my latest book, spoken in the voice of a character familiar to readers.

As the stack of books in the picture suggests, I’ve written a few. There is a work of creative non-fiction titled Emily’s Will be Done – a cautionary tale about wills and estate planning; a stand alone novel called Ties That Bind – on a theme which relates to the lessons we are taught as children, serving us in good stead through the toughest of times; the four-part mystery/suspense series subtitled Regarding Hayworth and set in the fictional northern Alberta town of Hayworth; and finally, the Stella Kirk Mystery Series — specifically, a cozy mystery series. Fictional Truth: A Stella Kirk Mystery #4 became widely available across all platforms and by order via any bookstore as of March 15, 2022.

What exactly is a cozy mystery…as opposed to a suspense, thriller, police procedural, sci-fi, or fantasy mystery? I am asked this question often. Cozies are a genre all their own. They range from the library, cat, and cupcake variety to the historical, or more noir versions. They most often follow a list of basic rules: someone dies, and the murder is solved by the end of the book; the main characters are a police detective and an amateur sleuth; the reader does not have a personal relationship with the victim; there is no overt gore or sex, because the reader’s imagination is considered a powerful tool; there is a specific setting (so usually a few murders in a small area – readers expect this); and fans of the genre like to see a pet of one sort or another. My books are somewhat darker than average. The themes speak to the “why” of murder, more than to the “who.” I’m not concerned if you figure out who did it early in the novel. Can you isolate the reasons behind the crime and why the perpetrator was reduced to killing?

No Visible Means: A Stella Kirk Mystery # 1 introduces the reader to Stella, the reluctant owner of Shale Cliffs RV Park, along with a motley crew of residents and staff who populate her property every summer. The story explores the blurred lines between good and evil.

Witnesses saw Lorraine Young arrive home. Her 1977 black Malibu remains parked beside her twenty-seven-foot Holiday Rambler trailer. Her windows and doors are bolted from the inside, but she’s nowhere to be found.

Stella has the instinctive ability to frame questions in formats that elicit long-buried answers. She tackles the disappearance of one of her seasonal residents with a vengeance.

Aiden North, a police detective, and her first love from thirty years ago, investigates with Stella’s help. Nick Cochran, the park manager, and Stella’s partner in ever increasing ways, supports their efforts.

Didn’t Stand a Chance: A Stella Kirk Mystery #2 illustrates how perceived sacrifice and devotion can be twisted into horrible results for a family.

The assumed accidental death of a young bride leads Detective North and Stella into an investigation fraught with sibling secrets, revealing choices, and unforgivable misunderstandings. Which household member holds the ultimate power of influence? Will Lucy Painter’s murder be confirmed? Will the perpetrator be exposed? Will family ties be unbreakable to the end?

Sand In My Suitcase: A Stella Kirk Mystery #3 acknowledges how old habits often die hard. Can people really change in the face of external pressures?

Her dear friend is dead. She finds the body. Follow Stella and Detective North as they uncover Paulina McAdams’ secrets. Will a diary reveal her life story once the code is broken? In their search for answers, they untangle the clues of a clandestine affair, a long-held confidence, and a past indiscretion refusing to be left behind. Did a series of random encounters ultimately lead to blackmail and murder?

In Fictional Truth: A Stella Kirk Mystery #4, the mystery to be solved depends on whether a young author’s death was a simple case of misadventure, or if his murder was the culmination of sinister secrets paired with decidedly poor writing.

The First Annual Shale Harbour Writers Retreat ends almost before it begins when a budding author is found dead at the bottom of the stairs in the Community Hall and Playhouse. He was a collector of the indiscretions of others; an unpleasant young man disliked by most. The workshop instructors have questionable backgrounds, partake in covert affairs, and are cloaked in confidential circumstances. Stella Kirk and Aiden North sort through the noise, understand the victim’s methods, and finally determine what is fiction and what is truth.

Now you have a flavour for my books and the most recent series. I want to add that although most writers strive to sell books, they also yearn to be read and see good reviews about their work. I am including some links, but in addition, each novel is available via Hoopla, as a borrowable e-book from your local library — for free. Support for authors by borrowing as well as buying is appreciated. As always, signed copies can be obtained for purchase directly from me.

Thanks so much to Laura Best for affording me the opportunity to share my writing with you today.

L. P. Suzanne Atkinson

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Face Book – L. P. Suzanne Atkinson – Author

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Titles:             Emily’s Will Be Done (2012)

                        Ties That Bind (2014)

                        Station Secrets: Regarding Hayworth Book I (2015)

Hexagon Dilemma: Regarding Hayworth Book II (2016)

Segue House Connection: Regarding Hayworth Book III (2017)

Diner Revelations: Regarding Hayworth Book IV (2018)

No Visible Means: A Stella Kirk Mystery #1 (2019)

Didn’t Stand a Chance: A Stella Kirk Mystery #2 (2020)

Sand In My Suitcase: A Stella Kirk Mystery # 3 (2021)

Fictional Truth: A Stella Kirk Mystery # 4 (March 2022)

Mallory Gorman Won’t be Buried Today: A Stella Kirk Mystery # 5 (due 2023)

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  1. I enjoy a cosy mystery from time to time and these books sound very good. Suzanne sounds like a versatile writer, starting out as a poet is not a bad thing, no matter how young you were. Nice to meet you here, Suzanne.

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