The Importance of Patience

We’ve been having some really great temperatures here in Nova Scotia for the last few days. +30 makes it feel more like summer than spring.

Hubby is ploughing the garden and I noticed he had some seeds out earlier. Feels a bit early to be thinking about planting but there are some plants that do okay in cooler temperature. I’m sure we’ll be having many days of temperature dips before summer technically arrives. It wasn’t that many years ago that we were hit hard by frost here in Nova Scotia the first week in June.

That’s when trees and plants are beginning to grow. I live in Christmas tree country and, believe me, it was brutal. The new growth was damaged severely. People were worried. What would this mean to the future of the Christmas tree industry?

But low and behold, the damaged trees healed with time and today they virtually show no signs of the damage they incurred. In fact some might say they look even better than before!

Things heals over time. What is required from us, is patience. (I actually needed to hear that message myself today.)

There is a reason it is said that patience is a virtue. Having patience is not always easy. We sometimes want to know what’s going to happen even before it happens.

Today will be an inside for me to do a little writing and some house decluttering. While I don’t consider myself a packrat (maybe I should) things eventually pile up. But as one friend said, if you haven’t looked at something in years, do you really need it in your life? She has a point.

Enjoy your weekend and this fine weather while it lasts. And wherever you are, may you allow patience into your life today.

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  1. Patience is something I’ve been working on and I am getting better. I think. Enjoy your nice weather.


    • I often slip back into old patterns which later, when I’ve had time to reflect, annoys me to no end. It seems that with some things, I have endless patience, others, not so much. Have a great weekend.

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