The Fairy Cottages

Summer has been passing like a breeze, quickly and invisibly, each day slipping by us unannounced until we reach the end of the day and start over again–a continual cycle.

These days, I’m mindful to say a quiet “thank you” at the start of each day as I lie in bed listening to the birds outside my window, and feeling the gentle breeze coming in through the open window. I smile, because it is such a precious thing to awake each morning to start another day. So many people around me have come to the end of their journey, much sooner than I would have thought. It has made me conscious of the fragility of life and how very precious each day is. There is wonder to be held all around us in so many of the little things we tend to take for granted.

I recently went to Halls Harbour to see what some folks call the Fairy Cottages. It is really a good name for them. They seem almost magical and I’m in awe of the artistry that went into them. I’ve also heard them called the Jelly Bean Cottages, another excellent name.

The houses were made of concrete in the 1930’s and I can only imagine what the folks in the area thought of them at the time. While I’m not able to go far these days because of the circumstances in my life, I’ve been more appreciative of those every day things around me. This was one of the places I’d hoped to visit this summer. So glad for the opportunity to go back.

For anyone interested, you can enter a raffle to spend three nights and four days in the Blue Cottage. All the details are HERE. You will also find lots of information on the site about the cottages.

I would love to hear that someone I knew entered and won this package!

While I’m not one for telling others what they should do, I would suggest that you look for the wonder in your world each day. It really is all around us, in the details we so often overlook. There is so much to be grateful for.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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  1. These cottages look adorable. I agree with you. There is so much to be thankful for.

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    • I feel that actually expressing one’s gratitude is important. It helps remind us how much there is to feel grateful for. We sometimes forget the small things are important as we get caught up in some of the challenges we all face in life.

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  2. I love them! Don’t think the link is live, though? Did you take Charlotte to see them? Glad you got out of East Dalhousie:)


    • Thanks. The link should be working now.

      Yes, it was nice to get away. I kind of didn’t want to go home. 😉 Yes, we took Charlotte. Also stopped off that the MacDonald Museum, but unfortunately it wasn’t open. 😦

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  3. Angela Wilson

     /  August 8, 2022

    I, too, enjoy listening to the birds and observing nature everyday. Watching the cloud formations, loving the beautiful blue sky, looking at the moon and stars at night. I stop and smell the roses. Beauty is all around us. I must visit the fairy cottages soon. A nice day drive for the girls. Thanks for the reminder! Peace and love, Laura


    • It is nice to watch and appreciate nature, something I feel I missed out on while working full time. It was always go..go…go.. I hope you get a chance to check the cottages out.



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