After Fiona

While Fiona has come and gone here in the Atlantic Provinces, she left much behind to remember her by. Here in my small corner we lost power for about a day and a half but we sustained very little damage from the wind. We are so very fortune to have escaped Fiona’s wrath, but my heart goes out to other places in the Atlantic Provinces where trees were uprooted, homes destroyed and washed out to sea, as well as loss of life. I can’t begin to imagine what these people are going through. There will be so much clean-up in the days and weeks ahead.

This link will take you to some photos of the damage. Here

Thoughts and prayers to all those dealing with the aftermath of Fiona.

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  1. Scary times. Glad you are OK. Hugs.


  2. The sea is both magnificent and deadly. It commands respect. Those who do not give it will suffer. I’ll never move away from the sea because it breathes life. I adore it in all its glory. There is nothing more energizing than a storm.

    I compare this storm to the Saxby Gale that struck Nova Scotia on October 4, 1869. That one was more deadly due to little warning and no radios on ships. It was, however, just as destructive.

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    • I just did a little reading on the Saxby Gale. Interesting information, Diane. I hope you didn’t have much damage in your area. I have a daughter outside of Moncton still waiting for power as are so many others in the Atlantic area. Hoping it is soon restored. 😦

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      • We suffered only moderate damage on the property. Nothing horrible. There were countless large trees down blocking roads. We were without power for less than 48 hours. We have friends and family still without. Where my son works in Dartmouth, the power is still out as is the place my daughter works in Truro. Damage was hit or miss. Some properties barely anything and ones next to it major damage. The cornfields around us are flattened.

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        • We haven’t had the chance to be out and around. But I do feel the South Shore and Valley (were we are closer to) were very lucky this time. Sounds as though you made out reasonable well. So glad for that!


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