Fall into Perfection

In the quiet of a late September day, the lake welcomed us into her waters, lapping against the sides of our boat in anticipation of our visit.

Sun and wind against our faces, we trolled along the shoreline marvelling at the beauty of this perfect autumn day. Trees are succumbing to the season; their leaves changing into subtle reds, oranges and yellows and slowly blending into the landscape. And I thought, what a difference a week can make. Last week we were bracing for Fiona and then enduring the wind, rain and power outages. So sorry to hear that there are people in the province heading into a second week without power. My heart goes out to them.

Now heading into October, we had our first frost overnight as the temperature dipped to -3 c at our location. It is time, something that can’t be denied, although we try and pretend that this year might be different. September seemed to be an unusually warm month. Seasons change as they are meant to, just as life changes, sometimes so subtly we barely take notice, other times that change can come in the blink of an eye. I welcome autumn with an open heart. It’s my favourite season.

I have been spending much time reflecting lately and deciding what is truly important in life as well as trying to put some of these beliefs into practise. I’m anxious to explore some different themes in my writing and recently finished the first draft of a short story, the idea for which I’d been thinking about for quite some time.

My next middle grade novel is due to be released around the first part of November. Hopefully, it will be back from the printer on time! It is a simple story but one I’m so happy to be sharing. I’ve been going through my library of photos, looking for possible images to use for another book trailer as well as finding the words to condense a novel into a few short sentences–all challenging. But I do so enjoy that kind of challenge.

May we allow these pleasant autumn days to fill our hearts with joy. May we look out at the world each day and see the beauty that surrounds us moment by moment. And may the season fill our hearts with a sense of joy and peace, something our world is in desperate need of. Happy fall!

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  1. Just had a fabulous trip back Home and was blessed with amazing weather. The fall colours are splendid. Now back to Spain where the weather will e pkeasantbut not horribly hot. Life is good. Enjoy your Autumn.


  2. Fall is always my favourite season of the year, but this year fall seems to be confused. I’m still enjoying all our summer flower baskets on the deck. We’ve had an unusual amount of sunny dry weather here on the normally temperate BC west coast, and the forecast for the next week is nothing but more sunshine and temperatures between 23-25°. I hear we’re in ‘Stage 4 Drought Conditions’, something I don’t think I’ve ever heard of out here! It’s lovely weather, but unnerving.

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    • We had our first frost the other night, which is unusual for where we live. Great for growing things in the garden, however. While we need the rain it is during these times we realize how much we are at the mercy of the weather. Hoping the dryness doesn’t lead to more fires out your way and that rain soon comes. Then of course, there is the vegetation as well. 😦


  3. Hope Brian’s growing some giant pumpkins for the little ones!



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