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In 2006, my non-fiction piece “The Wreath Making Tradition” was included in Christmas in the Maritimes: A Treasury of Stories and Memories (Nimbus Publishing).

A Maritime Christmas: New Stories and Memories of the Season was released by Nimbus Publishing in 2008. My short story “A Christmas Morning Sunrise” was included.

On December 13 2008, myself and other contributors attended a book launch at the MicMac Mall in Dartmouth NS to celebrate the release of A Maritime Christmas.

December 13, 2008

December 13, 2008

The Kentville Advertiser and The Bridgewater Bulletin interviewed me about my story in A Maritime Christmas.

Click here to read Sara Keddy’s article in The Kentville Advertiser.

Click here to read Lisa Brown’s article in The Bridgewater Bulletin (PDF file).

Country Roads: Memoirs from Rural Canada  was published by Nimbus Publishing in 2010. I contributed a piece about growing up in East Dalhousie titled, “The Place I Call Home.”  This collections was edited by Pam Chamberlain.

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  1. Richard Skinner

     /  February 28, 2012

    I was in Franey’s,Books Galore and More, recently picking up books that tied in with my interest in Kings County history. I do not generally read novels but I spotted one called “Bitter Sweet” I picked it up planning to put it down when I saw the name Laura Best. I have been visiting people in East Dalhousie: I plan to collect material for a folder to be deposited at the Kings County Museum (and other archives). Your name came up many times. I bought it. You see I belong to the Burial Grounds Care Society– We worked at the First Anglican Cemetery in East Dalhousie. But I am interested in all of East Dalhousie. I brought Bitter Sweet Home. Today I showed it to my wife. She read it in just a few Hours. I asked her if she thought I would like it ? Did she think it was based on truth? I was just testing her, as I planned to read it anyway. It is based on truth as I have passed the part where the old guy stole the church wine. I know they had difficulties building the church:
    Later did someone really steal the wine! Well I realize it is a novel but I am one third through and am hooked, Some of us have to buy secondhand books but I wish you success in your sales. What a coincidence that I bought it at “Franey’s”. I am nearly 82 and can assure you it is not just for youth.
    Richard Skinner


    • Hi Richard, Thanks so much for your note. Coincidentally, I was going through some digital photos just a few days ago and came across yours. I was there at the commemoration service for the Anglican Church Cemetery. So when your name came up, I knew right away who you were.

      Yes, there are elements in my novel that really happened, the building of the church for instance. I had written a short history for our 100th Anniversary a few years back and decided to use the information in the novel.

      Did someone really steal the church wine? Not to my knowledge, but I certainly enjoyed writing it into the book. 🙂

      When I started writing this novel, I wasn’t sure where I’d set it but then thought why not set it right here in Dalhousie? I was almost certain no one else would. I’m so glad I did.

      No matter where a book is purchased, writers like to know that others are reading our words, and hopefully effecting them in a positive way. With any hope they will let others know that they read the book and enjoyed it. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. It was what brought you to give my book a second look.

      I hope you continue to enjoy the story. You can rest assure that the people and events are fictitious, except for those that bits of historical fact that are woven through out the book.



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