Interview For A Sure Cure for Witchcraft

Diane Tibert recently interviewed me about my latest middle grade novel, A Sure Cure for Witchcraft.

If you are interested in checking it out, the link is here. That is all.

Enjoy your weekend even if it is rainy in your corner of the world.

Launching of A Sure Cure for Witchcraft

Last Saturday was the launch for my brand new middle grade novel, A SURE CURE FOR WITCHCRAFT. The weather was perfect, which is always an added bonus for any event. Things went well as only a few people were allowed in the community centre at one time. It’s always tricky trying to figure out a way to do things safely during this pandemic. I was simply pleased to be able to have an in-person launch this time around. But things went far beyond my expectations. They really did. We didn’t have the crowd that had turned out for previous launches but I knew it wouldn’t be. People are still trying to navigate through this pandemic and keep themselves, and others safe–myself included. No one knew what to expect anymore than I did. I went into this fully aware that this would not be a launch like my other ones. It wasn’t widely advertised and actually came together in less that a week. One of the many reasons for this was, I didn’t want to wait until proof of vaccination was required which was coming in to effect the following Monday. It just seemed as it would make things more complicated and add to the confusion.

But I have a few photos for those of you who were not able to make it.

Here I am with my two cohorts all decked out for the event. Judi and Bonnie lent their talents for the day and were responsible for all the decorations and for actually figuring out a way to make the day safe for everyone. We had all kinds of witchy decorations and I absolutely loved it. Every author should have a Judi and Bonnie in their corner–just saying.

The good people at Nimbus Publishing were on site for the day. Having a launch in a rural place has it’s challenges as many of these small centres do not have Internet access. But things went along smoothly regardless. True professionals!

This beautiful potted Mum was a gift from my son.

The area was petitioned off so that people were able to social distance. They came in, got their book, followed the arrows, stopped off to have their books signed and a quick chat, continued on, grabbed a cookie or brownie along the way and then proceeded out the exit door. Smooth.

Here’s hoping that when my next book comes out in Fall 2022 all this COVID business will be behind us.

Launch Day

Today is launch day and I just wanted to write a short post. I have no idea what to expect in relation to the pandemic. What I do know is that this will not be like any of my other launches for obvious reasons.

I already know that many won’t be attending as they’ve already indicated and I completely understand that. We also have the added challenge of only being allowed to have a small number inside the community centre at one time. Because of that people can’t hang around talking and mingling. Talking and mingling is really what these events are about. That and getting a signed copy.

I have friends who have decorated the centre. ( I haven’t seen it yet.) I really don’t know what I’d have done without their help. I’ll post some pictures later.

At least it appears as though it will be a gorgeous fall day. Whatever happens I can least be happy about that.

See you on the other side of the launch–hopefully with some photos to share.

Enjoy your day!

It’s a Launch

So happy to be able to announce that after the publishing of three books during this pandemic, I am finally able to have a launch for A Sure Cure for Witchcraft.

Also, everyone is welcome to bring their witch’s hat. (I know you all have one!)

Please feel free to let your friends know. Everyone is welcome.

The New Baby Has Arrived

What more is there to say? A SURE CURE FOR WITCHCRAFT has arrived in the Nimbus Publishing warehouse and is already in some local book stores. It will be making its way across Canada in the days/weeks ahead.

The Good Ole’ Summer Time

We talk about how time flies and that is so true. I’m finding it difficult to wrap my head around the idea that our July is over. I can remember the summers of my childhood when those two months of summer vacation seemed to drag on forever as we busied ourselves with trips to the lake, playing ball, picking wild berries and riding our bikes.

They were certainly simpler times back then and a much slower pace. Growing up in a tiny community we lead a sheltered life in many ways. A truck came through once a week with groceries and a trip into “town” was a half hour drive over the dusty rough roads.

I’ve lived in this little community all my life and I’ve seen many changes in the community. Some times while driving through I think about the houses that are no longer standing, the people who have passed away, all things that would go unnoticed to someone who hasn’t lived here their entire life.

I’m sure that growing up in a rural community has a lot to do with my love for historic fiction. I also enjoy our own local history, all the little details that make up our past. I find it fascinating.

My upcoming book A SURE CURE FOR WITCHCRAFT, is not only about the belief and fear people had of witchcraft, but the main character and her family embark upon a trip across the Atlantic to the New World as so many Foreign Protestants did at that time. My ancestors were among them so I feel a strong connection to the book. I am so pleased to finally see this book being published.

I’ll leave you with this oldie that kind of popped into my head as I was writing this post. Enjoy your weekend. I hope the rest of your summer is peaceful and fun.

A First Review

Did I say first review? Make that first and second.

Months before a book is published Advanced Reading copies are sent out to reviewers, to help build some buzz before publication day. The hope is that early review will be favourable and others will want to see what all the buzz is about.

As many of you know, my next book is due to be released in September. What started out as an idea of a story that would follow two characters across time, finally developed into a book that I’m excited to see released into the world.

The book already has a few ratings on GoodReads and a very first review has come in. You can read it HERE. As I was preparing this post another early review came in as well. HERE.

The cover was finalized a few weeks ago which means all that is left is for it to go off to the printer.

I’m excited about this book for a number of reasons. First and foremost because it was quite some time in the making, which I think I mentioned here already. But it is also about the belief in witchcraft that people had centuries ago, and when my German-speaking ancestors came here to Nova Scotia in the 1700’s, they brought many of those beliefs with them. Even in my lifetime, I have known people who believed a certain individual was a witch. That is something that has always fascinated me.

So now, as another book is about to make it’s way into the big scary world, I hope it will be welcomed with open arms. Of course, it doesn’t mean I can just sit back and wait for this to happen. I’m hard at work on a more contemporary YA novel, but I also have some other stories on the go. Hopefully, none of them will take over ten years to come to fruition.

Launching The Family Way

Saturday May 22nd is the official launching of THE FAMILY WAY. The event is on the Nimbus Facebook page but anyone on or off Facebook can join us. So, that means even if you aren’t a Facebook user you can tune in.

I’m a bit disappointed not to be having an in-person event this time but there’s not a lot that can done about that. Hopefully, in the fall, when A SURE CURE FOR WITCHCRAFT is launched, things will be different. But that is something we won’t know until fall.

I’m reminded of my very first book launch at the community centre here in East Dalhousie, (HERE) and how different this one will be. But different just means that– different, and all I can hope for is to have the best darn virtual launch I can have. I have no idea what to expect and I don’t consider myself particularly savvy when it comes to this online world we’ve been pushed into thanks to the pandemic. But I’ll do my best. That’s all I can do.

Hopefully, some people will tune in to hear me read and maybe even ask a question or two. I hear there are two free copies of THE FAMILY WAY up for grabs and Nimbus is offering a 15% discount if you order one of my books through them. Sweet!

Guess it’s not proper to say I hope to see you there (because I won’t actually see you)–but you know what I mean. Right?

And the Winner is.

As I mentioned in my last post, the Atlantic Book Awards were held last Thursday and GOOD MOTHERS DON’T was nominated for The Dartmouth Book Award. While I didn’t end up with the prize that evening, I still ended up feeling like a winner when these arrived on Saturday afternoon from my publisher.

So, the actual winner of the award was Lesley Crewe and her book THE SPOON STEALER. I’ve met Lesley and she’s so nice and funny, and I’m happy for her. Coincidentally, we both have the same publisher.

Today, I sent off the ARC queries for A SURE CURE FOR WITCHCRAFT to my editor. This means, the ARCs will soon be going off to print. It’s been a crazy busy time with two books coming out in one year and with last year’s book still getting some attention.

This Saturday, I’m set to do a virtual book launch for THE FAMILY WAY which is another first for me. It’s something that anyone on or off Facebook can attend. I’m not sure what to expect but I guess I’ll be soon finding out.

Now, it’s off to work on my next book. I’ve a few in the works but so it’ll be a race to see which one makes it to the finish line first.

A Sure Cure for Witchcraft—Cover Reveal

I’m so pleased to be able to share the cover of my next novel, A Sure Cure for Witchcraft. The official publication date is September 7th, 2021. I know that probably seems like a long wait but this is the publishing business. Things tend to move along quite slowly for anyone on the outside looking in, but believe me, a whole lot of work goes into publishing a novel.

In the months ahead I’ll share some  pre-order information with everyone. Yes, that’s right books can be pre-ordered, not just on Amazon or Chapters but at your local Indie bookstore as well. Don’t forget your local bookstore!

I’m really excited about this book as it was a long time coming. I actually wrote a very early version of this story before Bitter, Sweet was published. (For anyone who might have forgotten that was back in 2009.) Over time I kept coming back to it, determined to get it to the place where I felt it was ready to be submitted for publication. I suppose this book is my reminder that some stories need time and determination and the ability to recognize when a story is worth my time going back to it again and again. 



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