The Good Ole’ Summer Time

We talk about how time flies and that is so true. I’m finding it difficult to wrap my head around the idea that our July is over. I can remember the summers of my childhood when those two months of summer vacation seemed to drag on forever as we busied ourselves with trips to the lake, playing ball, picking wild berries and riding our bikes.

They were certainly simpler times back then and a much slower pace. Growing up in a tiny community we lead a sheltered life in many ways. A truck came through once a week with groceries and a trip into “town” was a half hour drive over the dusty rough roads.

I’ve lived in this little community all my life and I’ve seen many changes in the community. Some times while driving through I think about the houses that are no longer standing, the people who have passed away, all things that would go unnoticed to someone who hasn’t lived here their entire life.

I’m sure that growing up in a rural community has a lot to do with my love for historic fiction. I also enjoy our own local history, all the little details that make up our past. I find it fascinating.

My upcoming book A SURE CURE FOR WITCHCRAFT, is not only about the belief and fear people had of witchcraft, but the main character and her family embark upon a trip across the Atlantic to the New World as so many Foreign Protestants did at that time. My ancestors were among them so I feel a strong connection to the book. I am so pleased to finally see this book being published.

I’ll leave you with this oldie that kind of popped into my head as I was writing this post. Enjoy your weekend. I hope the rest of your summer is peaceful and fun.

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