Stepping Back in Time

Yesterday, I took a step back in time, just like the advertisements told me too. (Hey, I’m easily persuaded. What can I say? 😉 )This year marks New Ross’ 200th Anniversary and that’s something to be celebrated. What’s my connection to New Ross? New Ross is actually my next door neighbour and I have lots of friends, and some family, living there. I love this little community and the people in it. It even got a mention in my last book!

Since I’m a supporting-local-kind of gal, I couldn’t imagine not being at the parade. Coincidentally, I’d heard a few stories about the 100th parade from my friend Oran. I wrote a blog post about her awhile back because she was such an amazing person.  If you didn’t already read it you can by clicking this link HERE. I wish now I’d asked her more about the celebration in 1916.

Here are a few highlights from the parade. Keep in mind that New Ross is a community that relies on the agriculture and forestry industry and this was certainly reflected in yesterday’s parade entries.

You can’t have a parade without a marching band. Well, you can but…..

DSC07662The New Ross Historic Society had a float in the parade with people decked out in period costumes.

DSC07674Nothing says rural Nova Scotia like the 4-H club. I’m pretty sure most everyone in New Ross belonged to 4-H sometime during their youth.


The Christmas Tree Industry was well represented. J& M Reeves Christmas Greens. Hey, there’s Jeanette, Matthew, Rylie, Barb, Gracie and I think I see John’s arm in the background. Hmm sitting down on the job, I see.  😉


The Christmas Tree Festival. An entire weekend in December to celebrate this industry that is so important to this area. If you drive through New Ross during the festival you’ll see these carolers everywhere.



The logging industry was well represented with floats from Murray A. Reeves Forestry Ltd. and Colin Hughes Enterprises Ltd.



The final float I’m posting was from Gina’s Hairstyling . It was one of my favourites. Even had a barbershop quartet singing.


So there are a few highlights of the parade as I saw it. I couldn’t possibly post photos of all the floats in the parade, but for those of you who are not familiar with New Ross perhaps this will give you a small glimpse into the culture and lives of those living in this small community that was first settled in 1816. Congratulations New Ross for continuing with the traditions of rural Nova Scotia.

If you took in the parade yesterday, what was your favourite part?And  have you ever been in a parade?

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