When The Universe Speaks Take Photos.

What’s with all these bird nests I’ve been finding lately? Is it just me or is the Universe trying to tell me something? Who knows, maybe my next book should have a bird theme?

In an earlier post I published some photos of a tiny bird nest with five eggs inside. Although I’d seen momma bird I hadn’t been able to identify her in any of my bird books. I’ve noticed that is often a problem with illustrations, they do not resemble the bird in question or sometimes the illustration is only of a male and you happened to have seen the female. They look similar but not quite and so you’re a bit unsure. This is why it’s important to read the description that is included with the illustration as well as information as to where they nest—trees, bushes, ground, grass.

I snapped these shots of Momma and Papa today. They were the same type of bird I found last May. They were not happy campers when I wandered into their territory. They flew toward me and even played the broken wing game, which of course I didn’t fall for.

With a little patience we discovered the nest between two branches of ground juniper. To think I might have stepped on the nest makes me cringe. I was quite close. Momma and Papa had their nest very well hidden.

As a note of caution, when you’re out walking in the woods and birds suddenly begins flitting around, sounding distressed, it’s a good chance that a nest is handy. Tread carefully.

I find it interesting that the one egg that did not hatch is still in the nest, unharmed. I think there are four babies in there, but I’m not positive.

So what kind of bird is this? I feel quite confident in saying it’s a palm warbler. If you have any other thoughts on this please share them. I’m a writer, after all, not a bird watcher. And I promise no more bird photos for a while. The Universe will have to speak to me in other ways.

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