Who’s Going To Blurb My Book?

I haven’t mentioned yet that Atwood is going to blurb my next book. Squee!!!! That’s right, my publisher has asked and she’s agreed. Nothing elaborate, mind you, just short and sweet and to the point.

This is Best’s best work by far……Agnes Atwood

Admit it, you thought I meant Margaret Atwood, didn’t you? Trust me, if dreams had wings I would fly to the moon just to have Margaret Atwood blurb my next book. Unfortunately, for this author, it ain’t happening.

Okay, just to clear things up there is no Agnes Atwood (at least that I know of) and she sure as heck isn’t writing a blurb for my next book either…..Best’s best work… sheesh! Amateur time.

Don’t think of the things you read here as lies, think of them as fiction reflecting my dreams. One thing I’d like for all of you to understand is this, when you come here to visit you’re free to dream. And none of these measly little dreams. If you’re going to dream you might just as well dream big. It’s the only way to go!!

So I’ve been dreaming of blurbs.

Why a blurb? Well, why the heck not?

I’ve even exchanged a few emails back and forth with author pal, Syr Ruus, in which I accused her of using the word blurb more times in a blurb than was humanly possibly. It was all for fun, and I do like fun.

Truth is, I kind of thought the word “blurb” was newish but, after looking it up, I discovered it was first used in 1907.  While new fangled phrases, and fashions, often take time to trickle down to rural communities, the word blurb must be moving at a snail’s pace. Where the heck have I been for the past 104 years? Tell me you’re surprised to learn that the word is that old ‘cause I don’t want to be the only one who’s outdated.

I have given some time over to dreaming about book blurbs and the fact that I didn’t have one on my first book. Not just that, I’ve been dreaming of who I’d like to write one for my upcoming book.

Although it must be considered effective, I can say in all honestly that I’ve never purchased a book because of it. In fact, I seldom read them or pay any attention at all. I’m more interested in reading a short synopsis of the story. The cover and title influence me as well. But hey, this from someone who’s a 104 years slower than the rest of the world. I’m sure plenty of people read them and take what the author has to say into consideration. I’d truly love to have a certain someone write a teeny blurb for my book. , and while I do love Margaret Atwood, she’s not the person I have in mind. Since I believe that dreams do come true I shall wait to see where this dream will take me.

Are you influenced by author endorsements on books? Have you ever blurbed or been blurbed?

Time for you to dream…

If you could have anyone, dead or alive, blurb your book who would it be? Here’s your chance to write the blurb for your novel. Dream big–What have you got to lose? Show us what you come up with.

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