A Title AND a Cover

I know, I know I promised a title but today I’ve added a bonus just for all of you! As you can see I’m posting the cover too because as it seems to me a title alone would not give any sense of what the book is about unless you’re psychic which is totally possible. Who am I to say you aren’t?

This cover will be tweaked before the book comes out, but this image will go into the Nimbus fall catalogue.

The book is set not long after the Spanish Flu pandemic and is about a young girl, Lark, who takes a job working for a family in a neighbouring community. Her father died during the pandemic and she’s determined to help her mother make ends meet. This book is about her adventures with this family and finding acceptance with all the members of the family.

I started the book back in the nineties (I know, forever ago!) and stubbornly refused to let it go. Not that I worked on it for thirty years straight, but from time to time, I’d go back to it, revising and reworking. So glad I stuck with it. This book was inspired by my neighbour who lived to be one hundred. She was a natural story-teller and loved by many. I wrote a blog post about her years ago that you can check out HERE if you missed it earlier or if you just want to refresh your memory. Of course the post really didn’t do her justice. She was someone you really had to spend time with in order to fully appreciate her fun-loving spirit. She loved nothing more than to spend time with others and share her stories. (She had so many.) These days, I look at her home and remember so many of the good times we spent together. I was so glad to have had her in my life and so glad to dedicate this book to her. I only wish she might have seen the book published. I think she’d be a wee bit pleased even though she probably wouldn’t admit it.

So there you go, a title and a cover. The suspense over and I’m sure you’ll sleep better tonight. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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