Weekend Plans

On Saturday evening the NS Children’s Literature Roundtable celebrates local children’s authors and International Children’s Book Day at the Writers Federation in Halifax. All local authors who were published in 2009 have been invited to take part in the celebration and of course I was invited as well.

There will be a host of children’s authors on hand and I can hardly wait. I’ll get to meet some of my favourites. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some great photos to post.

There is also a book launch for Unlocked, a young adult novel written by Cynthia D’entremont, which I plan to attend in the afternoon. (If I’m going into the city I might just as well make a day of it. Right?) I met Cynthia at the book launch for A Maritime Christmas back in 2008 and we’ve kept in touch. I’ll share some of those photos as well. It’s nice to be able to support our local authors. It’s so very important.

This evening we’re off to the dinner theatre in town. Each year the Parish Players in New Germany preform a play written by Heather D. Veinotte.
Nothing like good friends, good food and plenty of laughter to round off the evening.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Book Launch

Although it is still a few months away I am going to mention that a time and place has just been set for the book launch. It’s to be held on October 25 at the community centre in East Dalhousie. Although there were other suggestions made, suggestions I was most grateful for, because let’s face it had I not been able to have it in the community I would have been looking for an alternative, the community centre in good old E. Dalhousie was my first choice.

Might I add  that I’m very pleased to be having the launch here because I happen to live in a pretty awesome little community. The people here have been extremely supportive of my work over the years and that support has meant so much. (Likely more than many of them even realize.)  As I told my publisher, I really couldn’t imagine having it any other place. Not only is the Dalhousie Road the setting for “Bitter, Sweet”—a fictitious Dalhousie Road of sixty years ago—but many of my family and friends live here, as well. It is the first time an event of this sort has been held in the community and, who knows, it may never happen again. So there you have it! I’m happy, my publisher’s happy, hopefully the good folks in the community will be happy with the news as well.

At this point I really have no expectations about the launch, for me it will be wonderful to celebrate the release of my very first novel right here in the community I’ve lived in my entire life.

Author Questionaire

Early in June I was contacted by Nimbus’ marketing coordinator and given a questionnaire to fill out by the end of the month. No problem, I thought, I’ll have this whipped up in no time. The only thing is the end of the month was drawing near and I still had some questions to fill out. I was dragging my heals and I hate it when I do that.  Like many people, I have tendencies towards procrastination but I  can always be counted on to get the job done before any deadlines. So, yes my questionnaire was filled out and sent with several days  to spare. I guess that’s the important part. The questionnaire will basically gives them ideas  when it comes to promoting my book— who I know, were I’ve been published, that sort of thing.

So what’s the big deal you might ask? Simply that I  heard from the marketing coordinator today concerning the book launch for “Bitter, Sweet.”  I’m not ready yet to make any announcements yet but hopefully I’ll soon be able to let everyone know exactly where the book launch will be. There are several ideas on the table at this time.

All these little things help remind me that I’m not dreaming and that all the years I’ve worked toward this are finally paying off. For me, the greatest reward will come when I can actually hold a copy of “Bitter, Sweet” in my hands.

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