Third Generation.

This week  I’ve been a bit busy working on some rewrites . I expect to be blogging more about this in the next while. Not to be mysterious but for now let’s just say I’ve been busy. Also, we are having a nice visit from a certain little miss this week. Sorry I haven’t been around to visit any blogs but this is simply one of those times when life just doesn’t allow for it. There will be plenty of time for that next week. Just know I haven’t forgotten about any of you. Okay, I’ve been peeking in a  little during the wee hours but haven’t had time to leave any comments.

Today just happened to be bookmobile day and I had a book on hold. I don’t live far from where the bookmobile stops. In fact it’s rather convenient.

Here’s the third generation experiencing the joy of choosing a book from the stacks. I was a bit older the first time the bookmobile came through forty years ago, but it’s nice to know that this service is still in place and able to bring reading material to people living in rural Nova Scotia. Kind of a proud moment for this writer.

I discovered some great finds today. I’ll be adding them to my goodreads list. Now it’s time to do a little reading..

Some Things Just Don’t Change (and sometimes that’s a good thing.)

Some of us think of change as a bad thing because we like things to stay just the way they are. Some of us, however, look upon change as growth and the opportunity to enrich our lives. Sometimes the process of change is darn uncomfortable but once we finally get the end result we see that all the things that happened were indeed for our own good. It helped us become the people we are today. It’s just that sometimes the getting there sucks….plain and simple.

But some things never change and that’s what I’m posting about today. I wanted to share some photos taken from our library.

I hope you’re not claustrophobic!

It’s a bit small but it still holds plenty of books. What I’m most amazed about (and this will sound silly to most of you) is that I can go online and search for a title and have it delivered. And if I wanted to put in a request for my book? Well, they’d bring it along, too. (Maybe I’ll just stick to my own copy!!)

The bookmobile has been coming to E. Dalhousie for nearly forty years. For those of us with a love of reading we don’t have to go very far. Mind you, the bookmobile only makes a trip out from the Annapolis Valley once a month but there’s no limit on the amount of books you can sign out. Sometimes they’ll even send your request via Canada Post….How cool is that?

So, welcome to the library here in East Dalhousie!

May it remain unchanged for a very long time because books are a good thing…A very good thing.

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