A First Review

9781771080385A first review of “Flying with A Broken Wing,” is in Atlantic Books Today. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out. My book is on Pg 18. A pleasant surprise for me, but can you imagine how painstaking it was to try and download with dial-up? I waited for over an hour and still couldn’t see the whole magazine. Luckily, random pages downloaded before some of the others and I was able to read the review of my book. One thing is for sure, you can’t beat good old paper. I’m going to pick up a copy at the bookstore next time I get into town so I can read ALL the magazine.

So the reality of a freshly soon-to-be-published book is starting to really seep in. Only 25 days until the book launch!!!

Support the Locals

I like browsing the bookstores, especially this time of the year. It’s only natural, I suppose, something that most writers like to do in their spare time. I mean, you have to get out there, see what’s been published. Right?

This time of the year there are people buying books who don’t buy at any other time of the year. I remember this time last year when my book was newly out, I walked into one bookstore that was buzzing with shoppers. I’d been there a few weeks earlier for a book signing and so the staff knew me. When they spotted me amongst the shoppers, they asked if I would sign another batch of books that had just arrived, then placed a “signed by author” sticker on the cover.

Local books were stacked up everywhere, and waiting to be placed on the shelves. I’d never seen that particular store quite that busy.

Of course every store has their own way of displaying books, with different categories—Health and Fitness, Biographies, Children’s, Local, etc. It makes sense. You want a certain type of book you know what section to head in.

Many of the bookstores I’ve been to display my book in the local section. There seems to be quite a number of people who like to support local authors. Many of them buy all their books in that section especially during the Christmas season. I think it also says something for the bookstore. It lets the local writing community know that they are supportive of our local talents.

One day last week, while out with a few friends shopping I mentioned that the particular bookstore in the mall we were in displayed my book in the teen section and how I felt it was lost among some of those huge sellers that are on the market now.

Why wasn’t it in the local section, we wondered?

You’ve gotta love friends who take it upon themselves to find out the why. So while they marched into the bookstore and asked, I hid waited at a safe distance for them outside one of the other shops. They were gone for what seemed like a very long time.

The answer they were given was that this particular store only displays non-fiction books in their local section.


My friends were not giving up easily.

So why is *******’s book in that section— it’s fiction? (The lone fiction title there I might add. Could be it was put there by mistake.)

The worker finally bowed out, saying that she works in stationary….I guess some questions defy answers.

Now, while I understand that each storeowner has a right to display books where they wish, I question the choice of this particular bookseller to omit fiction from their local section. Not everyone looking to buy local, steers away from fiction. In fact, it might encourage those looking for local books to buy some of the great fiction that’s being published in our region.

Ah well, I appreciated the effort my friends made. I certainly wouldn’t have had the nerve to ask this myself. On the other hand, I’d speak up quick enough about some one else’s book. It feels different when it’s your own. At least, it does for me. Guess I’m just not a pushy broad.

This leads me to ask several questions:

Are you one of those book buyers who like to support local authors? Do you like to see fiction and non-fiction displayed side by side in the local section?

For any of the authors out there:

Have you ever entered a bookstore and asked to see where your book is displayed? Would you let the bookstore know if you thought it should be displayed in the local section? Or do you even think it matters what section you book is displayed in?

Something to Talk About

This week has been a busy one. Yesterday I spent the day out in the beautiful Annapolis Valley with two friends. We did some shopping, had lunch and spent the day laughing and being silly. Days like that usually remind me that I really need to get out more often. During the winter months I tend to live like a hermit. So thanks Judi and Bonnie for your gift of friendship. It means a lot to this hermit!

Of course a day out would hardly be complete for me without a trip to the bookstore. I had a pleasant surprise yesterday as we were entering the mall for the second time. I ran into someone I hadn’t seen for many years. She wanted to show me that she had just bought two copies of my book for her kids. So I ended up signing them for her. She asked me about a character in the book, if he was so and so, who would have lived in the community years ago. Apparently she had already read the book, and she and her sister were curious about it. I guess it caught me of guard because I never dreamed anyone would see any resemblance between my fictitious characters and real people. (The story happened years before I was born.) I assured her, I had made everyone up, but I thought it was interesting that it had kept them wondering and thinking. She was also curious as to who the “busybody” in the story was. Nothing wrong with having folks discussing your book, I say.

I’ve had many adults contact me to tell me they’ve read the book. It’s something that all authors appreciate hearing. Earlier this week, I received an email from a young adult who was reading the book—the first feedback from my target audience—so it seemed like a noteworthy event. I was thrilled! It was one of the signed copies I’d left behind at one of the bookstores I visited last fall, and was purchased as a Christmas gift.

So I’ll end this post with a thank you to those who take a moment to send along their thoughts on my book—young or old or in between. Your comments are a welcomed addition to any day!!

Picking my number one

My Chapters and Coles signings are behind me. I can breathe a little easier now. My biggest fear was not getting out and meeting people –heck that was the best part–  but wondering if our Maritime weather would be cooperative. Not only is East Dalhousie known for its friendliness we are known far and wide for the snow we get each winter,  often times before winter even officially arrives,. When the rest of the province is snow free we’re often knee-deep in that white stuff. Makes for some awesome snowmobiling but sometimes the roads aren’t fit for travel. This fall, however, it’s been all sunshine and rain. A traveler’s paradise.


I had six different signings this month at various Coles and Chapter’s. The people in these places sure know how to treat their local authors. They are as welcoming and warm as anyone could hope for. Now, as great as each one of these stores were if I was to pick a favourite I’d have to say that Coles in New Minas really have it going. They set me up at a big table, welcomed me to their store, the manager slipped a Lindt chocolate bar on the table for me, came out and snapped photos and was just so super nice and friendly. Her staff was terrific as well and one of the employees even bought a copy of the book for her mom. She was a real sweetheart. She explained that each year she buys an author signed book for her mom and that this year she had specifically asked for “Bitter, Sweet.”


Since people in the Valley know me, there were quite a few who dropped in just to say,”Hi” Some got me to autograph books they had bought back in October at the book launch and didn’t stand in line  to have them signed that day. I don’t blame them, I was told that people waited for an ahlf hour to have their copies signed, even I wouldn’t have waited that long for me!!!


Now, for all of you who have even seen authors sitting out in front of a bookstore all by their lonesome, take a moment just to stop by and hello, maybe talk about the book a bit, ask a question or two. Just being friendly doesn’t cost a dime but you’ll feel good about it later an s you’ll be appreciated immensely. I promise. You don’t need to feel obligated to buy a book but it can feel mighty lonely out there by times…… I know, I know, you think it might feel a bit awkward. Don’t you? But I have yet to meet another author who wouldn’t appreciate a friendly hello and, I’ll admit to being one of those people who would have walked on by in the past if I didn’t intend to buy a book. But no more.


In the next while I’m gong to post some of my favourite folks at my signings. I had plenty of laughs, received little gifts, (Hey, if you want to win me over just give me a Mars Bar…My little sister showed up at one of the Halifax signings with her two girls and whipped out a dual pack of Mars Bars…Well, she didn’t have to go that far to win me over but the gesture was surely appreciated.) Boy, people are so thoughtful, so friendly.


So that’s it for now, Coles and Chapters, you’re all number one in my book but that Lindt chocolate bar in New Minas kind of pushed it over the top for me.


Twas the Night before the Book launch

Okay, So I don’t mind admitting I was a bit cranky today for a host of different reasons which I’m not going into. To top it all off the weather was crappy again and I was suffering a sinus headache. (Wait a moment while I get out my violin)

The book launch is tomorrow and I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to feel since I have no idea of what to expect. I guess it’s just one of those things that you can’t really know ahead of time. Apparently there will be some folks there from Nimbus if they don’t get lost on their way out here…Hehehe I’m sending them into territory where they have never before been. Although I was told today that one of them apparently knows someone who has a cottage out here in East Dalhousie. Seems as though there’s always someone from the city who knows someone with a cottage out here. We have so many lakes in our area that really isn’t a surprise. SO, hopefully all will go well and no one will get lost on their way out here with books. Okay I won’t go though a list of scenarios here.

Of course everything will go well…

Today when I dropped into Coles in the mall I was pleased to see a healthy supply of “Bitter, Sweet” on the shelves. I looked in the local section for a bit until I finally found the spot. I think I gasped…Silly me! It just slipped out. I savoured the moment for a time before moving on.  I have a schedule for book signings in the area that I will post a bit later when it gets into November but it is also on the Nimbus site for anyone who is interested in looking.

I guess that’s it. I’m almost there. Just a few more hours to go.

How to Order in the US

I’ve had a few people from the US ask about ordering my book and since I wasn’t sure exactly how that would work I decided to contact Nimbus to find out. There are several different options for ordering from the US.

I’ve been told that Nimbus will ship to the US and that it will eventually be released in the US in spring 2010. I have the Nimbus link on my site for anyone wishing to go that route. Also the book can be purchased at Amazon.ca or Chapters. Ca or it can be ordered through the Woozles website http://www.woozles.com/

For anyone wondering what the heck Woozles is it’s the largest children’s bookstore on the east coast of Canada.

So, I ended up at The Inside Story in Greenwood today. I wanted to see if my book was on the shelf. I know, pretty pathetic… but I can’t help myself. Their site had mentioned that the book was in stock so I was curious. I was spiked with disappointment when I didn’t find it. I don’t know why. There are plenty of stores it won’t be in, that’s for sure. I guess it was because I knew they had ordered some in. So where the heck were they?

Before I left the mall my husband went into the store and asked for the book (I was too much of a chicken to do so— doubly pathetic. Right?) Of course it was there, I just didn’t know where to look. Relief!!!

So ….a bit later in the day my sister, who happens to live in the Annapolis Valley stopped into the same bookstore and asked if the book was in. The lady mentioned that she was the second person that day to come in and ask for the book… Hey, how impressive is that my sister thought? She went on to explain that her sister had written the book just before she whipped out her camera and took a photo of my book in the bookstore. Later, we shared a laugh when she found out that my husband was the other person who had inquired about the book today… How’s that for impressive? Hehehe.

Checking Out the Bookstores Because That’s What you Do..Right?

On my way into town on Saturday my daughter called to say she had overheard someone at work mentioning my book. She of course spoke up and said the person who wrote the book was her mom. Although the lady won’t be able to make it to the launch she would like an autographed copy. This prompted me to drop into the local bookstore to see it by chance they had any copies in yet. I immediately headed for the children’s book section and there they were— copies of “Bitter, Sweet” for everyone to see— oh, and buy too. (Mustn’t forget that buying part!) A pretty cool feeling I have to admit! I wasn’t sure if Nimbus had sent any copies out yet but I guess they don’t waste any time and since the folks at the bookstore know me they would have put them out as soon as they arrived.

I also checked the local Coles store and wasn’t at all surprised to see that they didn’t have any copies in yet although I’m sure they’ll eventually get around to it. Hey, they have to go some place. Right? And no, I’m not going to check out all the bookstores from here to BC but if you happen to catch sight of my book by all means let me know.

Sunday we celebrated Thanksgiving as my husband and I both had to work today. I gave copies of the book to two of my three children and mailed one to my oldest daughter who wasn’t able to make it down for the weekend. She won’t get it until later in the week since today was a holiday. I love being able to share this with them. I don’t think I mentioned that my complimentary copies also had a small stack of bookmarks enclosed. As silly as it sounds the bookmarks thrilled me almost (I did say almost) as much as the books. I made sure to give the kids each one as well.

Well I guess there’s no denying it now. I’ve finally have a book published. Do I feel any different? Happy, yes. Satisfied, yes. Thrilled in every way imaginable. But to tell the truth I’m no different now then I was before. Just me, take me or leave me. Having a book published really doesn’t change who you are, although I have to say that I’m totally in awe over the fact that someone (other than family) would want to read my book. How cool is that?

A First Review

A quick stop into the local book store this evening was quite an emotional thing for me. I had heard from a friend that my book was mentioned in Atlantic Books Today— a free publication which reviews some of the books published in Atlantic Canada. She mentioned that there was a review there but I figured since the book isn’t out yet that it was just a blurb about it— but she was right. There it was, someone writing about my book, someone who had already read it. You see there’s this thing called advanced reading copies that get sent out to various sales reps and reviewers before the book even comes out. (I really have a lot to learn about all this.) This good news is the review was a good one!!! I was on cloud nine. Sure is great to have someone say something nice about something you’ve written, I mean someone who doesn’t know you. (If you know what I mean.)

My husband and I stood in the bookstore both reading the review, wondering if we should snap up all the free copies for family members. But I guess that would kind of defeat the purpose of having it out there in the first place if I took all the copies home… I did take two, however…the ones we were reading. Atlantic Books Today even mentions that the launch is at the East Dalhousie Community Centre on Oct 25th , which seemed really neat, too. It almost feels as though this book is not just mine but the community’s as well.

I am constantly amazed at this whole process. All I can say is Wow!!

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