Moments of Magic

When my son was in his last year of high school he became quite interested in magic. He found some books on card tricks and, before we knew it, he was mesmerizing us all by the tricks he had mastered.

In the beginning his tricks were rather simple, but over time he was able to perform some rather complicated ones that kept us all spellbound. When family and friends came to visit we would urge him to show off his talent. Many times when he performed a trick people would look at me and ask me if I knew how he did it. They thought that since I’d seen him do these tricks many times that I would have it all figured out.

But the truth of it was, I didn’t want to know. I wanted to watch and be amazed the same way they were. I wanted to feel as though I was seeing these tricks for the very first time. I wanted to believe in the magic, not spoil it all by breaking it down into a calculated step-by-step process.

What I remember the most about his tricks were those moments when everything came together in the end, and I was struck by a sense of wonder, a deliciously sweet feeling of awe.

As a writer, I have experienced these magical moments over the years. They always catch me off guard when I least expect it. It is that feeling that comes when the wording is just right, when the thoughts that are conveyed feel fresh and new, when I capture one precious moment in a sudden flash.

I do not know for certain where it comes from or just how it gets there. Like magic, I accept it for what it is without the need to know. Not everything in life can or should be explained. I want to take delight in these tiny mysteries in life not spend my every moment contemplating the seriousness of life. Sometimes we just need to be amazed.

There is a natural rhythm that continually flows if we choose to allow it, if we do not stop and try to figure out exactly how the trick is performed.

So, my question is, do you believe in magic? Or do you like to have an explanation for all of life’s mysteries?

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