Inspirationally Speaking; I Like Change

Last post I wrote about how inspired I felt, how ready to embrace changes in my writing and personal life. I was excited to get going, still am. Each day I’ve been waking with a sense of optimism, a knowing that everything is exactly where it needs to be at the moment. This doesn’t mean I have to stay stuck in one place. On the contrary. It just means that all the previous steps I’ve taken in the past have helped get me where I am right now. It’s all right. It’s all good.  Only now I’m ready to make some changes.

It’s okay. I’m allowed. No one’s the boss of me.

Most times change doesn’t happen at the snap of a finger. It can if we want it to, (a change of attitude for instance) but, be honest; most times we have to work toward bringing whatever change we want to fruition. And so we inch our way along. Hoping it won’t be too painful a process. Maybe we even close our eyes.That’s okay, too. It means we’re still making progress. We can breath easy.

Staying open to the possibility of change isn’t a bad thing in my mind. Our truths today won’t always be our truths tomorrow. That warm wool blanket can sometimes get mighty itchy all of a sudden. Don’t you think?

Thank goodness we have the ability to change our thoughts and minds. We don’t even need an excuse. That’s the beauty of it. It’s just enough to know that we changed our minds about something because we wanted to. And no, you don’t have to justify a change of mind. Not if you don’t want to. Just seems like sometimes our minds have a mind of their own.

I’m reminded of a neighbour of mine who is forever bringing up a comment one of my children made in the past about a certain town where she didn’t want to live. Turns out that’s exactly where she’s living today. My neighbour is constantly perplexed. How can this be? I know, for some, it’s a hard concept to follow. Life circumstances changed for my daughter. She changed her mind about where she would live. Simple dimple. I’m not confused by it at all.

Ask any writer you know. This happens more times than we can articulate. Our writing is forever undergoing change. We change our minds about the story we’re working on. We suddenly realize the character we’ve create doesn’t like horses, not since being nearly trampled to death in childhood by a runaway steed. (The writer is sometimes the last one to know!) Maybe the entire story was written before we even knew this.

It’s as if a lightening bolt zaps us and immediately we know what we have to do to change that story. These lightening bolts can strike right out of the blue. We can’t stand around and argue the fact that there wasn’t even a cloud in the sky.

But get this— it’s allowed. That’s the truly marvellous part.

Now I’m off to revise a very old story. You see, I changed my mind about how I would write it. Much of it will remain the same. I’m just going to breath new life into it. I didn’t know until a few days ago that I was even going to make changes. That’s the truly exciting part. It had been sitting unchanged for many years, but as I was reading it over a bolt of inspiration suddenly struck me.

Nice to know that change can/will come when the time is right.



I love looking at clouds.  As a child I would lie in the grass and watch to see what form they resembled. Sometimes an image would jump right out at me, other times I’d really have to use my imagination to come up with a likeness. Then, when I was able to find some vague likeness in a cloud, I’d end up feeling a tiny bit disappointed as I watched it change so quickly, or else dissolve into the sky like a passing fancy.

Life changes like the shifting clouds. We watch with eagerness as they move about elegantly on a warm summer breeze, and look on with trepidation as they become dark and menacing during times of turbulence. Like life, clouds are in a constant state of change, stretching themselves out as fine and thin as a whisper, or collecting themselves into thick bulging mass of thunderous noise. They continue on their way just as we must continue on, despite the times of turbulence, and especially during those times when we wish for a particular moment to linger on for a little while longer.

I’ve been spending much time these past few days with my head in the clouds. Can you really blame me? It’s been an incredible time. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments, well wishes, for the emails and for those of you who dropped in just to get the scoop. I appreciate all the crossing of toes, fingers and any other body parts that might be involved. But, as much as I’d like to stretch this moment out forever, life is telling me it’s not going to happen. How can it?

Receiving the Bilson nomination has been wonderful, and it may sound corny to say, but I really do feel like a winner already. No kidding. So if you get tired of all the toe and finger crossing (It’s going to be a long few months ahead) it’s really okay. LOL!

When I look at the other contenders I can’t even begin to describe how I feel to be included in this nomination with them. This is much better than I could ever have dreamed up.

But I hope you’ll humour me a little. And if I find myself floating, from time to time during the next little while, promise me you’ll allow me a little room to float freely. In turn I’ll promise not to come off as too obnoxious.

So can you answer me this? Is that a lobster claw I see in them there clouds or is that just a little wishful thinking?

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