Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

I can’t help but notice the decline in blogging activity these days each time I sign into Google Reader.

Can we blame it on the season? These glorious spring days? All those months of being trapped indoor for hours at a time?

Hmmm…..What do you think?

Used to be I’d nearly panic when I logged into Reader and saw all those unread blog posts waiting for me. Although I have a good number of blogs that I follow through Reader it’s not an outrageous number or even close to the 200 number that one blogger claimed the average blogger follows. But still….

A lot of people start out blogging with great enthusiasm but eventually run out of steam. I’ve sometimes wondered if that won’t one day be my fate as well. Some days it’s tough to even imagine we have something worthwhile to blog about. Ideas become stale. We feel uninspired. I mean, how many different ways are there to blog about the same subject?

Blogging is a big commitment. Life happens. We get busy. We enter times of tribulation. Our job takes us away, and our family life. Many bloggers are also authors, and when push comes to shove we’ll choose writing over blogging. It’s just the way it has to be. There’s no getting around it. And yet, there is no saying we can’t take a break from our blogging activity from time to time. Why not? Aren’t we all entitled to a vacation from time to time?

Have you been as committed to blogging lately and have you also noticed a decline in the number of people updating their blogs? Do you periodically take blogging vacations?

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