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Today, for the first time ever, author Dave Ebright is guest blogging. Yay Dave! After a powerful amount of arm twisting, whining , bribery, and basically refusing to take no for an answer, I got Dave to agree to do this guest post. (It actually wasn’t that difficult but I had fun exaggerating. I’m a fiction writer, so sue me. Sorry, Dave, couldn’t resist.)

I’m pretty sure if I met Dave in person, I’d probably find him anything but shy. Here in cyberspace it’s a totally different story. Dave’s one of the shyest bloggers/authors I’ve come across. If he could write a blog post and never have to mention that “I” word, he’d be a happy man. Unfortunately, if an author wants others to read their books we have to get the word out. The most fantastic novel ever written will not make an impact if it sets gathering dust. So thank you Shy Dave, for agreeing to this. I knew it would be a challenge, but one you’d step up to in fine style. You never disappoint.

You can visit Dave’s site over here at Jaxpop and read a bit more about his great adventure books, and if you have any advice to help him get over his online shyness at promoting his own work don’t be too shy to leave a comment for him below. I’m sure he’d welcome your ideas. Come on people, we’ve got to help this guy out…

BTW If you didn’t catch Dave’s interview over on Carol Garvin’s Blog–Careann’s Musings you might want to check it out.

The inspiration for JRA.

My friend Laura recently invited me here to guest post & chat about writing a series while describing how I jumped into YA fiction. Whew! So y’all hafta bear with me, this is a first.

For starters – THIS IS ALL A BIG MISUNDERSTANDING! Writing was never on my radar screen – it just happened.

In July, 2007 – I was in my garage thinking about my grandson Jack, 1000 miles away in Pennsylvania, wondering if someday he might get the chance to spend summers with us in St Augustine, Florida. For reasons I’ll never understand, I fired up my laptop, in the sweltering heat of that garage, and typed – Jack spent summers with his grandparents in the ancient haunted city of St Augustine Florida. Four hours later, my shirt soaked with sweat, I had banged out what became the draft of a first chapter – though I was only toying with a short story. For several nights I kept at it, adding to the tale, creating characters & a plotline – using my hometown for the story’s backdrop. The daydream resulted in a full draft, which needed lots of work, but the story was “down”.

In one chapter I had written about a pirate’s ghost ship firing cannons at the kids as they crisscrossed the harbor at midnight trying to escape in Jack’s boat – Bad Latitude. This led to another warped idea – What if Jack was the descendant of a real pirate? One of the more colorful, yet inept pirates was Calico Jack Rackham – his flag is the one with the skull & crossed cutlasses. He had the right first name, was a historical figure & his background intrigued me – so ‘my Jack’ became a Rackham & … I did a complete rewrite. As I neared the end of my rewrite more what ifs percolated & I knew two things – There would be another adventure & Calico Jack Rackham would become one of my characters. So I did another rewrite & created hints for the next story – sort of a lead in. In late November 2008 BAD LATITUDE A Jack Rackham Adventure made its quiet debut. I was working in Chicago at the time so there was no promotion.

By the time BL came out, the RECKLESS ENDEAVOR manuscript was underway. My goal was to release RECKLESS in 2009, but my big boy job made that impossible. 2010 wasn’t doing me any favors either. I was out of town again, with limited free time & a heavy dose of “what’s the use”. A jumpstart was desperately needed. My wife Deb convinced me to submit BAD LATITUDE to the Florida Writers Association for their Royal Palm Literary Awards. The book had done remarkably well locally & online, thanks entirely to Deb’s promotional efforts (I’m a marketing coward), so I reluctantly fired it off to the FWA panel.

To my shock, BL won 2nd place for published YA &, being totally stoked, I resumed work on RECKLESS with newfound confidence & determination. Again, ideas exploded, resulting in late rewrites & the formulation of the primary storyline for the 3rd book in the JRA series. RECKLESS ENDEAVOR made its buzzless debut in January 2011, while I was out of town – again.

As a reader, I regard crisp pace, memorable characters & purposeful dialogue as components of a good story – goals that I strive for as a storyteller. I like building stories within the story, adding twists when possible. The challenge for writing a series, I think, is keeping it fresh. Where backstory is needed, blend it rather than plunk a disruptive info dump in the middle of a scene. Make each book stand alone with unique plots & circumstances & filter in new characters. Finally, if writing for kids, don’t ‘dumb it down’. Teen readers are smart & like challenges.

As for choosing the YA genre – I didn’t. As stated at the outset, it just happened. My years as the coach of teenagers (another story) helped create a comfort zone for that audience & using my grandson as the protagonist provided instant affection & kinship for the character, making the transition to my alter ego – JaxPop – a breeze.

Thanks for the nudge, Laura. D

Popping In

I’m in here quickly this evening to let you know that author, Dave Ebright, a.k.a. Jaxpop, will be here on Friday to do a guest post on my blog. I know you’ll all drop in and help make Dave feel welcome because the readers of this blog are totally awesome and supportive. Dave’s going to tell us how someone who had never thought of writing before ended up writing YA fiction, about his first two books, and just what he has planned for the future. You won’t want to miss what Dave has to say.

While you’re here, I’ll post this really cool photo of a spider’s web I snapped the other day and a lovely quote by Virginia Woolf about fiction and spider webs.

“Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so slightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners. Often the attachment is scarcely perceptible.”~~Virginia Woolf

Enjoy the rest of the week. See you on Friday.


Revisions are moving right along, and I’m happy with the progress I’m making. I have another week before I start back to work so I’m hoping to make good use of my writing time. The story I’m working on has surprised even me. But I’ve got a good-sized shovel and I’m digging in deep.

In the meantime I’ve had a few distraction. As I mentioned we had company over the July 1st weekend.

And yes they each caught a fish in that mess of reeds.

Made a trip to the Look Off in Scott’s Bay. What a beautiful view looking down into the Annapolis Valley.

A writer friend opened up her garden to the public over the long weekend. She also lives in Scott’s Bay so we stopped into her open house. What beautiful gardens.

Had a barbeque with friends, saw a deer standing in the field. Even managed to fit in a trip to town for groceries and a stop off at the nursing home.

In between all these things I’ve been stealing a little reading time— not as much as I’d like to be I’m getting there.

I do have a bit of a beef with this book though. I can’t get in as much reading time as I’d like.I want to get to the ending, and see what’s going to happen. If you like reading YA and adventure chances are you’ll enjoy Reckless Endeaver. There’s more about Dave and his books on his site. Congratulations on your new book, Dave. May you will find as much success with this book as you did your first.

Now back to Dave’s book revisions.

Pirate Daze

My husband and I drove though the little town of Mahone Bay this past summer only to find ourselves knee deep in pirates.

There were pirates everywhere.

The streets were swarming with them. Folks were parked on both sides of the main road. Music was blaring, pirates shouting out as we passed. Should we see what all the fuss was about? But where to park? Parking was impossible.

“Do you want to stop?”

“No way!”

We kept on driving, crawling our way through town. I was a bit timid, a bit overwhelmed. I had my camera.I snapped a few photos.

It was Pirate Days.

I hadn’t planned on being involved in a drive by pirate shooting.

Then, earlier this fall, we took a trip to Oak Island. Now, for anyone who doesn’t know about the whole Oak Island thing, let’s just say that if there’s treasure really buried out there, it’s probably buried for good.

We took the tour. Didn’t see any pirates or treasure, but at least I can say I was there. If you ask me we were a few hundred years too late.

Personally, I’ve got nothing against Pirates. I love Johnny Depp“Pirates of the Caribbean.” I even liked Captain Hook in Disney’s Peter Pan. I mean, what a character.

But, not all my encounters with pirates have been positive. I’ve been known to read the occasional book with pirates in them. I read one this summer. I have to admit, I didn’t get it. I felt a bit dumb. It wasn’t pretty.

So despite a few unfavourable experiences with a pirate, I sent for blogger friend, Dave Ebright’s book, “Bad Latitude.” Dave’s a great guy and I believe in supporting “good people.”

Guess what? I read it, and I got it!! I didn’t feel the least bit dumb.

Bad Latitude was written with boys in mind, but there is no reason why girls wouldn’t read this, as well. This book even won second place in the Royal Palm Literary Award for YA Fiction. Way to go Dave!

It’s filled with plenty of action, a bit of history from the St. Augustine area (that’s in Florida) and well, you know how I like history. There are some nasty dead pirates, a boy named Jack, and even a treasure if you’re into finding treasure. Who doesn’t like treasure?

I’ve got to say, Dave, you really had me going with that ending. I felt it all, sad, mad, glad, confused and finally relieved. But now there’s another one looming in the distance, a sequel titled, “Reckless Endeavour.” I don’t think we’ll have to wait too long for this one.

You can find Dave over at Jax Pops right here. and he’s just started a new blog Jack Rackham Adventures. Click here to take a gander.

Congrats, Dave and all the best with your next book!

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