Klout–Why Should I Even Care?

Recently, I started receiving emails from Klout.  Okay, so these things don’t just happen out of the blue for no reason. I acknowledge that. Apparently I signed up for it, bright cookie that I am, but forgot I had. I do have a vague recollection of this awhile back. I mean, you hear about something on someone else’s blog and you go to check it out. You sign in and bam! they’ve got you in their clutches.

So more numbers, more stats to deal with, more reasons to make me want to bug you all with my presence on the Internet. But really, is all this necessary? Is this actually going to, in any way, enrich my life? Or is it an attempt to keep me chained to my computer?

Maybe we’re becoming a society who worries too much about the numbers in our lives rather than the people who are there? We fool ourselves into thinking we’re being a good friend if  we *like* each other’s posts on Facebook when this good friend is a cup of coffee away from us. You know, back in the old days when people actually dropped in to say Hi! They maybe even sat across from you and chatted about things that actually mattered, none of which involved numbers.

Truthfully, I’d like someone to explain why I should even care about the numbers on Klout.Will knowing how many people I have influenced in anyway make my life richer?

I know, I know, why complain about something that I signed up for, just ignore it or embrace it.  🙂  Hmm, I wonder if this post about Klout will improve my Klout ratings.

What are your thoughts on Klout? Is it a great tool to measure our influence on others or just one more way the internet has of tracking our lives?


Not Another Article….

Afraid so folks…

As promised I’m including the link for the Register story. I have to say I’m not positive if this will appear in the Kings County Register or the Kentville advertiser. I enjoyed the article and it certainly helped that she had read the book. I think that’s an added bonus for any author. Not all reporters have the time to do so. I fully understand that.

Just so you’re forewarned the photo is about as bad as I earlier predicted so no one has to try and make me feel good about it besides I’m sure by next week that snapshot will be forgotten. Nothing I can do about it now.Right?


I just received a lovely email from a lady who wanted to wish me luck with the book launch and who wanted to tell me she had purchased three copies of “Bitter, Sweet” for Christmas presents. How nice of her to take the time to email! It really gave me a lift… I also received an email the other day from the editor of the literary magazine who published my very first short story about fifteen years ago. Penny had some very encouraging words for me and a bit of advise which was greatly appreciated. Everyone has been so supportive and wonderful I really couldn’t ask for anything more. So if you’re reading this and you’re one of those people you should know that all your kind words and thoughts mean so much to me.

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