New Blogger on the Block

Remember when you first started your blog and didn’t know a single blogger? I sure do. It was a bit of a scary undertaking, not to mention a bit lonely as you wonder if anyone is ever going to read your posts. Every time I hit “Publish” I felt a bit nervous.

I don’t usually do this, maybe because I’ve never thought to do it, but allow me to direct your attention over to a new blog Steve Vernon just started today. Friday the 13th ? Oh yeah. Steve’s a writer of of horror and ghost stories, so Friday the 13th sounds like a good time for beginning a new blog, don’t you think?

Recently Steve has penned a young adult novel titled “Sinking Deeper: Or My Questionable (Possibly Heroic) Decision to Invent a Sea Monster ”

I’ve read it and it’s great!

So head on over to SteveVernonStoryTeller and say hi! I bet he’ll appreciate it, being new to the blogging world and all.

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