A Little Out of the Ordinary

Yesterday, while I was peeling potatoes for the stew I was making, I wondered how many mother’s out there had received seed potatoes for Mother’s Day. Yes, I did say seed potatoes. I know this question seems a bit far out there, but I have a reason for asking.

I’ll admit the gift is a bit unorthodox, but sometimes unorthodox is fun, even welcomed, in the right circumstances. Mind you, I couldn’t imagine someone giving their city-dwelling mother a box of seed potatoes (that would just be wrong) but for a mother who lives in the country and plants a garden, could be a box of seed potato is the ideal gift.

So, who’s the mother who received a box of seed potato for Mother’s Day you might ask? Well, that would be moi! Truthfully, I think the idea stemmed from last years creative Christmas list my loving son sent my way where he’d added a 50 lb bag of Yukon Gold potatoes to his wish list. Here’s the post if you want to refresh your memory. He kind of threw me for a loop with some of the ridiculous items, but never fear, my motherly instinct kicked in and I ended up twisting his arm, requesting a new list. Nope, he didn’t end up with that 50 lb bag of potatoes under the Christmas tree.  And maybe he was a tab bit disappointed. Who’s to say? I imagined them slowly rotting away in his apartment over the winter months…Have you ever smelled a rotten potato? Nasty, just plain nasty.

But back to my Mother’s day gift. Coincidently, the box of seed potatoes were to grow into approximately 60 lbs and they were Golden Russets, not Yukon Gold, although I’m pretty sure he’d have been hard pressed to find Yukon Gold potato seed around these parts. So, we planted them this spring and harvested a bumper crop. Smart kid he is, he even came made a few visits out right around harvest time, returning to the city with some garden fresh potatoes in the trunk of his car. We all know  nothing out there can take the place of new potatoes, right?

Honestly, every time I peel a potato I think about my Mother’s Day gift and smile. Some gifts we soon forget, others linger in our minds for months to come.  Thanks kiddo, keeping thoughts of you ever present in my mind, and stomach, even though you’re miles from home.

What is the most unorthodox gift you ever received?

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