Pumpkin Update

Our lives have changed since we became the growers of a giant pumpkin. Just the other day I found myself hurrying down to the pumpkin patch just to have a little peek. I checked it again when I got home–just to see. It’s an endless task, this checking to see how much the pumpkin grew while you were away. Any number of things could go wrong in our absense. My stepfather’s pumpkins fell prey to groundhogs one year. Mind you, they weren’t giant pumpkins, but our pumpkin hasn’t actually reached “giant status” yet. There could be some greedy groundhog roaming the property just waiting to sink its teeth in. I mean, really, who knew a groundhog would eat a pumpkin?

We’ve been getting plenty of rain lately and I would think that’s a good thing, but is there such a thing as too much rain? Oh the questions are endless.

So there’s our baby nestled among the vines and leaves. It’s gone past last week’s basket ball. I think it’s got a pretty good start. And keep your fingers crossed that we don’t get any early frosts.

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