“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”  Hans Christian Anderson I just wanted to share these butterflies on my blog today. A lovely card from a lovely, talented friend who always seems to know the exact words I need to hear. butterflies Enjoy your weekend! And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Once Upon a Time and Far, Far Away

What’s not to like about a fairy tale? There is something magical about the words “Once upon a time” or “Far, far away.” Anything can happen in a fairy tale . We read it and accept it without question.

A few years back I happened to see a copy of Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales and immediately snapped it up. I mean, just how could I resist? Who doesn’t like the occasional fairy tale? Although this was a hard cover copy it still paled in comparison to the copy I had as a child that I ordered from the Scholastic book order through school. I sure loved those days when the new book orders arrived, reading the blurbs for the books and deciding which one to order. I was disappointed to find that some of my favourites were not included in the copy that I purchased but never fear….

Yup, you guessed it….

I still have that copy of fairy tales from 40 years back, what’s left of it that is. My favourite story was “The Little Match Girl”— still is. As a matter of fact I just finished reading it.

Okay, so the story is depressing, the little girl lights the last of her matches to keep warm but ends up freezing to death. But her old granny, who is dead, takes her up to heaven to be with God, and so the reader is not left feeling bad for the little match girl whose home life is miserable and disheartening.

In sixth grade, we were to choose a fairy tale to read to the class. I choose “The Little Match Girl.”  What I learned from that experience was, even though I was understandably nervous to be reading in front of the class, I very much enjoyed it. So, I’ve sort of known since I was eleven that it was something I liked and something I could do fairly well.

Since “Bitter, Sweet” has come out, I’ve read from the book on several occasions. On May 15th I’ll be reading at the Lunenburg Library. There will be a reading with Q&A afterward and I’m very much looking forward to the event. Maybe I’ll have photos to post afterward…who knows. I’m not very photogenic but I’m getting to the point where I don’t care so much any more.

Little did I know, back in the sixth grade, that one day I’d be reading from my own book. Pretty cool.

Odd the way life has of preparing us for future events.

So, do you have a favourite fairy tale? Do you prefer “Once upon a time,” or a “Far, far away?”

Maybe you have a favourite memory of a fairy tale from your childhood that you’d like to share?

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