The Christmas Miracle

I’m so very happy to say that two days before Christmas high speed internet came to the Best household. As Cammie might say, “A real Christmas miracle through and through.”

Lines were being run late in the fall and everyone in our little Nova Scotia community were anxiously awaiting the day when they were ready to start installing it into people’s houses. Seriously, I used to think this day would never come.

Many people don’t realize that high speed internet just isn’t a thing for a lot of people in rural areas—still, even now, in 2021. They assume that everyone has it and that’s just not the case. I can’t tell you how many opportunities I’ve had to miss out on, or how difficult it’s been for me as a writer to do research. Or the time, my internet screwed up and I ended up spamming my editor by sending out the same manuscript to her no less that seventeen times. Good thing I figured out that something wasn’t right and disconnected! Yup, I kid you not–seventeen times! 

But no more. All that has changed because of the Christmas miracle of 2020 and it’s as if a light has suddenly been lit and I can see what’s going on in the rest of the world. 

For now that’s my news, and for me, it’s pretty big. I’m hoping to be able to give some updates soon about my upcoming books for 2021. But right now I must head out, I have a date with Google. 😉

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