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Liars, Snails and Writers– We’ve Got a Thing Going on!

I’m a liar. There I’ve said it.

I bet some of you are too.

Let’s talk about it.

I tell myself lies all the time. Things like, I’ll just hop on the Internet for a quick second and check my email. Who knows, my editor might be trying to contact me in the worse way and I have to know right …this…minute. I mean, you know what editors can be like, expecting things to happen at the snap of their finger…And, and, if I don’t respond to her email immediately something catastrophic could take place. Like I don’t know…like maybe the earth will stop spinning on its axis, maybe the sun will forget to set or maybe, just maybe, the fate of the entire world rests on that “non-existing” email from my ever-so-impatient editor waiting for me in my inbox.

Here  lies another lie. It comes after I’ve written a few hundred words or so.

Got to get up and move around…gotta stretch those legs of mine. Things seize up. After fifty years of living, body parts begin to wear out you know. When I come to a tense part of my story, sometimes I just can’t sit still.

So yes, I’m a published author but that doesn’t mean I can’t come up with any number of excuses NOT to write. Writing takes discipline. No two ways around it. It’s just as difficult for me to find that discipline as it is for anyone else. Published or non-published, we writers all battle the same demons. Yes, I know, I’m published, there should be more of an incentive to keep me going then those of you who are struggling to break through, but my livelihood doesn’t depend on the money I make writing ergo I can procrastinate with the best of them.

Crummy attitude— my livelihood doesn’t depend upon the money I make writing ergo I can procrastinate. I mean really. Considering I’d quit my job in a heartbeat to stay home and write full time, I’d say that is a darn poor attitude.  So while I say one thing, I don’t do a single thing to back it up. It’s not an easy thing. It takes a leap of faith. Yes I would like to make a living writing, yet I continue to work because my job, while it may not be my first choice in life, is at least predictable. I know what my income will be.

The truth is, making a living with writing means you’d have to churn out far more novels a year than what I seem capable of doing. I know some people can. One writer on Facebook is spitting out words like fireworks. Her books are all over the internet and if I had half her energy I might stand a chance. She said she quit her business to write full time. So it’s possible.

Another writer told me it takes three or four published books a year in order for a writer to rake in enough money for the year. When I heard that I knew I wouldn’t be retiring anytime soon.

I’m a snail.

I’m a snail and a liar, and a little unsure of what my true objectives are when it comes to writing. We all assume every writer wants to make a living writing, but maybe that’s just not so. I’m sure some writers are happy just to see their stories in book form, something for them to look back on in their old age and feel they left their mark in the world. Their children and grandchildren will remember them with pride.

Now I wonder what spurs the writer onward– money or leaving behind a small legacy? I suppose that depends upon the writer. We are all individuals. Different goals, different points of view.

But what do I know? Could be I’m far off base. Snails are not known for their intellectual abilities.  😉

If you’re a writer what keeps you writing? Do you expect to one-day make a living writing? If so, do you have any specific plan in place?

Klout–Why Should I Even Care?

Recently, I started receiving emails from Klout.  Okay, so these things don’t just happen out of the blue for no reason. I acknowledge that. Apparently I signed up for it, bright cookie that I am, but forgot I had. I do have a vague recollection of this awhile back. I mean, you hear about something on someone else’s blog and you go to check it out. You sign in and bam! they’ve got you in their clutches.

So more numbers, more stats to deal with, more reasons to make me want to bug you all with my presence on the Internet. But really, is all this necessary? Is this actually going to, in any way, enrich my life? Or is it an attempt to keep me chained to my computer?

Maybe we’re becoming a society who worries too much about the numbers in our lives rather than the people who are there? We fool ourselves into thinking we’re being a good friend if  we *like* each other’s posts on Facebook when this good friend is a cup of coffee away from us. You know, back in the old days when people actually dropped in to say Hi! They maybe even sat across from you and chatted about things that actually mattered, none of which involved numbers.

Truthfully, I’d like someone to explain why I should even care about the numbers on Klout.Will knowing how many people I have influenced in anyway make my life richer?

I know, I know, why complain about something that I signed up for, just ignore it or embrace it.  🙂  Hmm, I wonder if this post about Klout will improve my Klout ratings.

What are your thoughts on Klout? Is it a great tool to measure our influence on others or just one more way the internet has of tracking our lives?