Update on the Rankin Guitar

Back in January I blogged about a guitar contest that I was involved with on Facebook.    To RECAP: When local singer/songwriter Jimmy Rankin announced that he was going to give away a signed guitar for the holidays my niece thought it would a cool thing to try and win for her brother who had recently suffered a broken back from a car accident he’d been in. Since he loves to play guitar, she figured it might help lift his spirits during recovery if we were able to win it.

While the contest ended up being a race right to the very end (we managed a whopping 1600+ votes) we still came up about 20 votes short. Believe it wasn’t from lack of trying. Everyone was amazing, sharing the link to the voting and asking their facebook friends to help. It only goes to show what great guy Jimmy Rankin is, when he announced later that he would also give a signed guitar to our nephew Rob as well.Today, finally, I’m happy to say that Rob was presented with a signed guitar. The coolest part was, Jimmy Rankin, who happened to be in town recording this week, arrived at my sister’s house and signed the guitar in  person..I say that really speaks to the kind of person Jimmy is..Totally awesome!

For those of you wondering about Rob’s health today, as you can see from the photo he’s getting around on his own. He does use a cane to steady himself, and he still has some paralysis. He says he can feel himself getting stronger every day. So thanks Jimmy and especially to all of you you played a part in this good news story. The most amazing part of this story was the way so many of us pulled together to help someone out simply for the sake of doing something nice. Oh the things we can do when we all work together.  We are truly amazing, aren’t we?   🙂

What’s New!

I’ll admit, my blog presence has been a bit scarce this past while.There have been several reasons. Christmas being one of them, plus the company of my daughter and granddaughter these past two weeks (Yay!) and not to mention the distraction with the guitar contest I blogged about last week.

Just want to thank those of you who took part in the contest and to let you know what the outcome was.  I hadn’t planned to blog about the contest in the beginning because I  knew quite a few of you who read this blog are also facebook friends and had already voted, but in the end I knew it would take every last vote we could get, and well, when it’s family involved I guess you do what you can. Right? Starting out with over 500 votes behind, we were able to get within 20 votes of the leader in the end and had nearly 1600 people supporting our efforts!!! Pretty darned impressive if  you ask me. It only goes to prove that there are a lot of people out there willing to do something nice for someone even if  that someone is  a complete stranger.

Because the numbers were so close and because my nephew’s story was one that resonated with many people, Jimmy Rankin decided to give away two signed guitars… I mean how super is that? The whole reason behind everyone working toward this was to help lift my nephew’s spirits as he recovered from a broken back.

Not being an online person, my nephew still doesn’t know about any of this and won’t until the guitar is finally delivered to him. Bet he’s going to be surprised…

As to how he’s doing, he’s “amazed” everyone at the rehabilitation centre with how quickly he’s come along in his recovery and I’m really not surprised. Strength and determination go along way when we’re recuperating. He’s now out of rehab and staying with his parents, able to walk although the paralysis is still there. We’re all hopeful that he’ll make a full recovery. To be truthful, you can’t tell me that his recovery wasn’t helped along by the prayers of so many. For those of you who included him in your prayers, I thank you and so does Rob.

Next week I’m hoping to be back to regular blogging…  Happy New Year to you all!

Looking for a little help!!

This needs to be short or many more reasons than  can explain at the moment. I’m including a link that will take you to a news story involving a member of my family and how many people on facebook are helping to win a signed guitar for him from singer songwriter Jimmy Rankin.

Family wants to win Rankin guitar for injured man

If you haven’t voted and care to do so. Please check out the link I’m providing. Find the comment posted by Kelly Yeats on December  14 and “like” her comment. So many bloggers and facebook friends,  and many strangers, have already helped out. It’s been great… This is the last day or the contest. We are in second place, trying to keep the whole experience positive and upbeat. Our nephew knows nothing about this yet, and even if  we don’t “win” we are still all “winners”  and I’m sure our nephew will be deeply touched when he learns that so many people pulled together to do this for him.

facebook contest

Thanks so much.

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