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September Catch-up Post

Oh wow, where did summer go? Seriously, I want to know what happened to this entire season that only began a few short weeks ago. Is it hiding? Did it get lost? Did someone steal it? Did it disappear all on its own? Abducted by aliens? Come on. This is simply ridiculous.

I’ve been busy working and writing and gardening and editing and grand parenting and knitting. The edits for the sequel to Flying with a Broken Wing are moving long. I finished two rounds with my editor Penelope Jackson who is really wonderful to work with. I worked with her on the edits for the last book and was really pleased to have her as an editor again. From what I’ve been told the advanced reading copies (you know, the ones that get sent out early to reviewers and the like) will be ready to send out early winter. I expect there will be some small changes to the manuscript once the proofreaders go through it and who knows maybe I’ll see a thing or two I might want to change. (But just minor changes at this point.)

So with the edits done (for the most part) I’ve been working on a few other writing projects. Again this summer, I took my books to the Heritage Blueberry Festival in Parkdale and I also took part in the Rural Arts and Life Tour. I met a lot of people and sold some books, but most importantly I had a great time. I picked up a few gifts at the gift shop in the Parkdale/Maplewood Museum. They have a great little gift shop and museum. If you’ve never been there plan to check it out sometime.

Despite having the lack of rain this summer, the garden managed to grow. We weren’t overrun with zucchini or pumpkins this year which was a bit of a relief. Luckily, hubby cut back on how many seeds he planted. You really don’t need ten + zucchini plants. Those buggers multiply like rabbits. This photo of dsc07829the LaHave River was taken in early August.  Many of our rivers are nothing but beds of rock. We’ve recently had a bit of rain but no where near enough to bring the water levels up. I read this morning that this is the driest summer on record and that we can expect more of the same in  the years ahead. Wells are going dry. Serious stuff.

Work…what can I say? Work.

Miss Charlotte got in a visit to Nova Scotia this summer which was nice even despite the fact that we had to work. She’s headed into to grade one this year and really loving it! The twins turned one in September. I’m not sure where that year went either. Hmm, seems to be that time is dwindling everywhere I turn. I think that happens as we age. But don’t quote me on that. Little Levi is a going concern and talking a blue streak these days. He’s filled with “whys” and other questions. He’s a boy on the go.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share the cover of my new book with all of you soon. They’ll want it finalized to put in the spring catalogue. Not sure when that gets put together but I believe it will be relatively soon. So keep your fingers crossed. I’m getting pretty excited to see it. As you’ve probably noticed publishing is a mighty slow business. Of course they’re planning ahead all the time so they are always very busy getting their titles ready for publication. It just seems slow to all of us.

Oh yes, knitting. If you’re on Facebook with me you might be aware that I’m knitting a few pairs of slippers for a friend’s mother, trying to squeeze that in during my spare time. I’m having coffee with her next weekend so I need to be all ready for then. Three of us , friends since high school, get together once a year to catch up on all our news. It’s always a fun time.

So, that was just a bit of what’s been happening in my little corner. Nothing exciting. Just every day. The exiting life of a published writer!

Fort Point Museum

So what’s at the Fort Point Museum in Lahave you might ask? This was the place Sry Ruus held the book launch for her new novel, Lovesongs Of Emmanuel Taggart. (Breakwater Books)

We didn’t arrive on time. I knew we wouldn’t.  I had made a previous commitment to be someplace else not knowing at the time that the launch was scheduled for that day, so we missed Syr’s reading. We were a bit disappointed but I suppose in some ways we were lucky to be there at all. We left home that afternoon with just a vague idea of where we were headed. Instead of going a route that was familiar to us my husband decided it would be a good time to go the back way and we ended up on the wrong side of the Lahave River with no idea where The Fort Point Museum was. When my husband saw the Lahave Ferry docked he decided this was a good time to stop and ask directions. That was when we learned that the museum was just across the river. Talk about luck! We could actually see the museum from where we were and luckily the ferry was about to take off. It’s just a five minute trip across so we’d knew we’d make it in time.

I hadn’t met Syr before even though she and I both had work in the same Christmas anthology last year and both attended the launch. (That was a busy day with about thirteen of us and nearly impossible to meet all the authors there.) So, we’d never actually met. Still, I wanted to attend her launch because I was excited for her and being a writer myself I feel it’s important to support our local talent.

Syr and her daughter put together a lovely lunch and the cake was decorated exactly like the cover of her book. It was beautiful. Of course they couldn’t cut on it. But they had another one there for that purpose. I had a chat with Syr and she signed my book. She seems like such a very nice lady. I wish her all the best with her novel.