Guest Author–Denise Adams

Today it is my extreme pleasure to welcome Denise Adams to my blog. Denise’s latest book was published last fall and she’s graciously agreed to tell us about what inspired her to write Round Trip: A Seabird’s Pursuit of Darwin’s Route. But before we get underway here’s more about Denise.

Author-artist Denise Adams holds a Masters of Arts and Art Education from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Canada. The retired high school art teacher, now part-time landscape consultant and full-time nature enthusiast, is once again inspired to put out a book about her seaside surroundings near Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Adams is also the author of Atlantic Coastal Gardening, The Little Book of Sea and Soul, For the Love of Lobster, The Little Book of Wildflower Whispers, and Seeing Stars.

What inspires me most to get writing is the sea. All my books revolve around it. I am happiest by it, in it and on it. I can see water from just about every window of my house. The sea is so photogenic and I have the great privilege of easy access to unique breathtaking photo moments.  I don’t take that for granted. Nor do I take for granted that life, as we know it, could not exist without healthy oceans. I want to spread the love, I guess. My first serious writing project was about the challenges and joys of gardening by the sea. Thanks to Nimbus Publishing, “Atlantic Coastal Gardening” was born in 2014. From that point on, I continued writing about the sea and taking photos to accompany text.  

I was thrilled to learn that Pegasus Publishers wanted to publish my sixth book “ROUND TRIP” A Seabird’s Pursuit of Darwin’s Route. It was a perfect fit as Darwin’s theory of evolution (now a truism) was first presented in 1859 at the now called University of Cambridge, England  –Pegasus Publishers home base.                             

I learned about Charles Darwin’s rather late in life. I’ve been bothered by the fact that I had not heard of him throughout my entire schooling. Then I became a teacher. After twenty-two years in the public school system, I noticed that there was still little to no mention of evolution in the curriculum. So, in my retirement, I set out a way to make the basic principles of evolution easy for young people to grasp through story telling. If they couldn’t learn about it at school, they could pick it up in a book. This story I would say, is my most important and meaningful writing project. The cover design and the forty pen & ink drawings inside are mine. The entire concept of an early chapter book for youth was five yeas in the making (143 pages).

ROUND TRIP is still relatively unknown to Atlantic Canadians but I am working on getting a Canadian edition of it published. Stay tuned. In the meantime, it can be ordered through Amazon.  If you do get your hands on it, please leave a review.


This story begins in coastal Nova Scotia Canada, where a cormorant from England is in distress. Micheline, a middle school aged girl, finds the seabird and takes it upon herself to rescue him.  They fast become friends. Miche manages to secretly get the seabird to her mother’s place near Peggy’s Cove while she is away.

Encouraging the cormorant to take flight, Miche watches as this unique seabird embarks upon his mission to meet his cormorant cousins and fellow-seabird relatives up and down the coast of the Americas. During the arduous journey, the cormorant is helped along by kind oceanic strangers, who he notices are not so different from himself as revealed by Darwin’s enduring theory of evolution.

Will the cormorant reach his ultimate destination of the Galapagos Islands to see for himself what Darwin saw? Will he ever see Micheline again? Embark this sweet and ambitious tale of one bird’s quest to find his true destiny. Round Trip: is available through or Pegasus Publishers.

Thanks so much, Denise. Getting to know a bit more about the authors whose books we read is always interesting and it’s so very important to support our local authors.

Two Books and a Video

Revenge of the Lobster LoverDuring the four hour drive to New Brunswick this weekend I took full advantage of the time Hubby spent driving to finish reading, Revenge of the Lobster Loverby Hilary McLeod. I don’t mind telling you I really enjoyed this book. It’s a mystery set in Prince Edward Island. Hilary’s books also include, “Mind Over Muscle,” and her next one due out is titled, “All is Clam.” Quite the witty titles, don’t you think?


Emily for RealSince I was nearing the end of Hilary’s book, I also brought along Sylvia Gunnery’s YA novel, “Emily for Real.” Sylvia’s a local author I met a few weeks back at a library reading. I’d been looking forward to reading it since picking it up. If you enjoy YA fiction, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. I certainly did.


While in New Brunswick, we were watching a few You Tube Videos from  the New Ross area. Here’s one filmed at the Ross Farm, not far from where I live. It’s quite long (12 minutes) but I found it interesting. It’s about the use of herbs, a subject I’m interested in. Mona Reeves, featured in the video, is quite knowledgeable and grew up with some of this information around her. I’d gone to a talk a few years back that Mona gave and even ended up winning some basil plants as a door prize..If it’s a subject you’re interested in, I think you’ll find it worth your time.

What books have you read lately? Do you ever take along a book on a long drive to help pass the time?

The question of self publishing

Earlier this week I met a gentleman and his wife at a luncheon in New Minas. He was both charming and articulate. The conversation eventually turned to writing. He’d published a book! Having retired from farming a few years back, he told me he needed something to do and it turns out that something was novel writing. Like me, he also had a great show of support from the community when he had his book launch. I guess that goes to show that rural Nova Scotia is VERY supportive of its own.

Over the course of our conversation he mentioned that his wife always carries three copies of the book with her wherever they go. And since I’m a push over for local authors I ended up buying one. I don’t expect I’ll get around to reading it until this winter as I have a lot of books on my TBR list. Before the luncheon was over I believe all three copies were sold. I laughed and told his wife she’d have to get a larger purse.

So the author’s name is Glenn Ells, from Sheffield Mills, a self-proclaimed “old coot.” Yes folks, that’s what it actually says on the back of his book!! Since March I believe, he told me he’s sold 1200 copies of the book—a  feat he is more than proud of. This is with no advertising, just word of mouth. I do believe he had someone from the local paper write a review of it, however. He told me his wife has sold 800 copies out of her purse alone.

The name of the book is “Starting Over.” It’s set in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley in 1760 and is based on the Planter years between the expulsion of the Acadians and the influx of Loyalists following the American Revolution. That’s about all I know except someone at the luncheon mentioned that it was a love story….What do you know? I guess even “old coots” can write about romance.

After meeting Glenn I started to wonder how many people out there are self publishing. My guess is it’s a fairly substantial number. It’s not something I’ve ever considered for myself for a number of reasons but I’m sure for someone like Glenn this has been a very rewarding experience. I’m wondering how many people out there have given thought to self publishing and just what your ideas on the subject is.

One thing that can’t be denied is the fact that Glenn is having one heck of a great time promoting his own book and meeting new and interesting people. I wish him all the best.

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