Getting Organized.

When I was a kid receiving mail was always an exciting thing. Pulling an envelope from the mailbox with my name on it was a delight that was difficult to describe and having a parcel arrive was THE VERY BEST. The mailboxes back then were huge things compared to what the rural mailboxes are today. Right up until a few years back we still had one of those old boxes (Great for parcel delivery) until one day the snowplough banged it up, damaging it beyond repair. Here in E. Dalhousie Canada Post has graciously supplied several of the big green mailboxes for the homeowners who live on the lakes. But the majority of the mailboxes in the area are the kind where the mail driver can pull right up, open the door and load it up!

These past couple of days I’ve been cleaning out my mailbox. No, no, no not the regular mailbox that sits out at the end of the driveway, my inbox. I love my inbox for the sheer convenience of it. I don’t have to worry about the snowplough hitting it or Canada Post telling me I must move it to the right or left, but I do have to contend with things like viruses and power outages, not to mention the dreaded computer crash.

My how times have changed!

Most of the mail I get today comes into my inbox at all hours of the day and night. While it’s more convenient in some ways, it actually makes more work for me— sorting, deleting, and reading the mail. Before I know it my inbox has over a thousand emails in my inbox, my sent messages and my deleted messages (Yup, I  have to delete from my inbox, from my sent meassages and then I have to go through and delete all the deleted one…sheesh!)  That’s a lot of emails to contend with and time consuming since I tend to wait until it is out of hand before deciding to deal with it.

But I am getting organized. Yay me!

As for any fellow bloggers out there whose blogs I am subscribed to through WordPress do not feel snubbed if you notice that I am no longer subscribed. I’ve discovered Google Reader awhile back and while I have many of my favourite blogs added to it already I didn’t have you all. That’s been changed or soon will be. Google Reader is great. It lets you know when blogs have been updated without having the emails arrive in your regular inbox. (Much less deleting for me.!)

Now I’m off to unsubscribe and subscribe. But not to worry, I’ll still be seeing you all later.

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