The Great Horned Owl

I’ve been walking for over three months–through cold and wind, rain and snow without missing a day. The one day when the temperature dipped down into bitter frigid temperatures, I headed upstairs to my treadmill. Adding movement into my day is just one of the things I’ve decided was important to me because for sometime now I’ve told myself it wasn’t. I was wrong.

The wonderful thing about walking is that it allows us the solitude and peace that many of us crave but are struggle to find on a regular basis. Nature is always ready for us whenever we choose to join her. Walking an hour a day has been challenging during this time, but I no longer make excuses for not doing it, but rather look for ways to fit it into my day and make it a priority. So far, I have remained successful!

Winter here in Nova Scotia has taken a long time to find us and there were times when many of us thought it might not show up at all. The lake remained open well into the last week in January, even then there was not much ice to speak of and many days the ground was bare. But now the snow is finally here and I have chosen to embrace it as I trudge through the many trails on our property. It’s been quite lovely and these months have gone by quickly as I look for signs of wildlife, sing a little, write a little (in my head) and think.

And then one day, this great horned owl was watching me from it’s perch on the branch of a spruce tree. For a time it sat quietly looking down at me and I was able to snap a few photos with my phone but eventually it decided it was time to go.

While this was a rare sighting for me, I have also been pleased to come across chickadees, woodpecker and nuthatches in my daily jaunts.

Now that we are into the first week of March, hopefully spring weather is not far away. But whatever comes up, we’ll accept it because really that’s all we can do.

Here’s hoping you have a happy March.

The March Robin

Sunny but cold on the first day of March here in Nova Scotia. It’s hard not to think of that saying that if March comes in like a lamb will will go out like a lion.

This little robin sits in the apple tree outside our kitchen window. I can only imagine that it’s waiting for warmer weather, as are many of us. Robins have been showing themselves for weeks now. For some this represents Spring on the way, others look at it as a sign that many stayed here for the winter.

My first round of edits for my fall MG novel is now back safely in my editors hands. There were a few near catastrophes when my word doc put up a protest one morning but I was able to avert (I won’t say a near disaster) but certainly a mini disaster.

I am still waiting for the title to be settled upon and to see a cover. I will share these as soon as I know.

Here’s hoping that this sunny first day in March will be the first of many. Forget about the lion. It’s time for the lamb to step up.

Belize—-The Missing Photos

This week with Miss Charlotte has been flying by. She’s becoming quite sociable with Nanny and Guppy.I actually think she likes us!!Needless to say I haven’t spent much time online. I’m hoping to catch up next week.

I’m just hopping on here to add the photos of Bitter, Sweet in Belize. These photo went astray as mentioned in my last post and ended up in my inbox after I’d posted the others.

I’d say she finally made it to the armed stand off scene!

For me, it’s back to the real world of sticky fingers, washable markers, and nursery rhymes at least for the remainder of the week.  Enjoy the rest of March. I’ll see you in April!

The “Bitter, Sweet” Give Away!!!

Hooray for March! I love the month of March. March is filled with promise.

The air has that spring-like quality to it, and it won’t be long before the crocuses are poking their way out through the ground. Nothing says spring is here than the sight of crocuses.

SO to celebrate spring and the release of Bitter, Sweet in the US this month, (that’s right! Bitter, Sweet will soon be available in the US at the end of March! Pretty exciting. Don’t your think?) I’ve decided to give away an autographed copy of my novel. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post between now and March 31st. And to prove that I’m more sweet than bitter (I know, that was a truly bad one.) if you’re one of those folks who are simply too shy to leave a comment for everyone to see (I know who you all are. I have the emails to prove it), just click on the “contact me” tab, send along your name and I’ll enter you into the draw, as well. See, I really am sweet.

On April 1st if I draw your name I’ll be in touch to get your mailing info if I don’t already have it!

Pretty darn easy!


If you want to make this fun, you could use Bitter, Sweet in your comment or simply Bitter or Sweet because I’m not fussy! Just so you know though, it won’t increase your chances of winning but it might make for some entertaining comments for the rest of us.

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