It’s a Girl, Lark Harnish!

This is it, Lark Harnish has finally arrived at the Nimbus Publishing warehouse. It has been a mighty long gestation period, from conception to the final product,( Oh like, maybe thirty years. Yes, seriously!) but here she is. The very first photos courtsey of Nimbus Publishing.

Isn’t she lovely?

You’ll soon see Lark gracing the shelves of your favourite bookstore and hopefully into the hands of readers very soon–like maybe this week soon.

That’s the big news this week!

The Final Cover

It is always exciting for a writer to see their upcoming book in the publisher’s catalogue.

Fall 2022 Catalogue

BTW This is it, Lark Harnish is on page 22.

That being what it is, the catalogues give readers and books sellers a great opportunity to check out books the publisher is bringing out in the upcoming season. Please take a look as there are some real gems within the pages of the Nimbus Fall Catalogue.

News came that Lark will be headed off to the printer this week and along with that news came the full cover for the book.

Time is closing in.

Lark’s story is a simple one, but one I am so happy to share with my readers. It has been a very long time coming. I am so happy to have persisted.

Publishing News–Change is a Coming

I just wanted to share this exciting news with all of you. I’ve just signed a contract for my next book with Nimbus Publishing, due out in Spring 2024. Yes, I know that’s a bit in the future and I expect many of you will forget this news until that time comes, but that is okay. I will keep you up on what’s going on, sharing covers, etc. Publishing is not known for it’s speediness. In the meantime, I’ve been working on a few other projects and am feeling so good to be back writing on a regular basis after floundering for the past few years, due to a plethora of obligations that has taken my attention away from writing, the way life does for all of us.

This new book will be different from what you’ve been used to seeing from me in the past in that it is young adult novel with a contemporary setting and explores some heavy topics. I’d share the title but it could change before now and the publication date so I’ll wait until that has been established. The main character is also a young guy who loves hockey. With that said, it’s not a hockey story although hockey does make up one element in the book. I was so fortunate to have a friend read over the hockey bits and set me on the right track. It made such a difference to the chapter. Her suggestions were so helpful and insightful and there is nothing better than constructive criticism. In fact, I welcome it.

So that is my exciting publishing news for now and I hope none of you will be disappointed with the changes. I’m sure I won’t stop writing historic fiction, as I do have some ideas brewing, but I also have a few ideas for more contemporary stories as well. Time will tell.

So, it is back to the keyboard for me as I wait for the publication of my new book in November!

A Title AND a Cover

I know, I know I promised a title but today I’ve added a bonus just for all of you! As you can see I’m posting the cover too because as it seems to me a title alone would not give any sense of what the book is about unless you’re psychic which is totally possible. Who am I to say you aren’t?

This cover will be tweaked before the book comes out, but this image will go into the Nimbus fall catalogue.

The book is set not long after the Spanish Flu pandemic and is about a young girl, Lark, who takes a job working for a family in a neighbouring community. Her father died during the pandemic and she’s determined to help her mother make ends meet. This book is about her adventures with this family and finding acceptance with all the members of the family.

I started the book back in the nineties (I know, forever ago!) and stubbornly refused to let it go. Not that I worked on it for thirty years straight, but from time to time, I’d go back to it, revising and reworking. So glad I stuck with it. This book was inspired by my neighbour who lived to be one hundred. She was a natural story-teller and loved by many. I wrote a blog post about her years ago that you can check out HERE if you missed it earlier or if you just want to refresh your memory. Of course the post really didn’t do her justice. She was someone you really had to spend time with in order to fully appreciate her fun-loving spirit. She loved nothing more than to spend time with others and share her stories. (She had so many.) These days, I look at her home and remember so many of the good times we spent together. I was so glad to have had her in my life and so glad to dedicate this book to her. I only wish she might have seen the book published. I think she’d be a wee bit pleased even though she probably wouldn’t admit it.

So there you go, a title and a cover. The suspense over and I’m sure you’ll sleep better tonight. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your week!

It’s a Launch

So happy to be able to announce that after the publishing of three books during this pandemic, I am finally able to have a launch for A Sure Cure for Witchcraft.

Also, everyone is welcome to bring their witch’s hat. (I know you all have one!)

Please feel free to let your friends know. Everyone is welcome.

A First Review

Did I say first review? Make that first and second.

Months before a book is published Advanced Reading copies are sent out to reviewers, to help build some buzz before publication day. The hope is that early review will be favourable and others will want to see what all the buzz is about.

As many of you know, my next book is due to be released in September. What started out as an idea of a story that would follow two characters across time, finally developed into a book that I’m excited to see released into the world.

The book already has a few ratings on GoodReads and a very first review has come in. You can read it HERE. As I was preparing this post another early review came in as well. HERE.

The cover was finalized a few weeks ago which means all that is left is for it to go off to the printer.

I’m excited about this book for a number of reasons. First and foremost because it was quite some time in the making, which I think I mentioned here already. But it is also about the belief in witchcraft that people had centuries ago, and when my German-speaking ancestors came here to Nova Scotia in the 1700’s, they brought many of those beliefs with them. Even in my lifetime, I have known people who believed a certain individual was a witch. That is something that has always fascinated me.

So now, as another book is about to make it’s way into the big scary world, I hope it will be welcomed with open arms. Of course, it doesn’t mean I can just sit back and wait for this to happen. I’m hard at work on a more contemporary YA novel, but I also have some other stories on the go. Hopefully, none of them will take over ten years to come to fruition.

And the Winner is.

As I mentioned in my last post, the Atlantic Book Awards were held last Thursday and GOOD MOTHERS DON’T was nominated for The Dartmouth Book Award. While I didn’t end up with the prize that evening, I still ended up feeling like a winner when these arrived on Saturday afternoon from my publisher.

So, the actual winner of the award was Lesley Crewe and her book THE SPOON STEALER. I’ve met Lesley and she’s so nice and funny, and I’m happy for her. Coincidentally, we both have the same publisher.

Today, I sent off the ARC queries for A SURE CURE FOR WITCHCRAFT to my editor. This means, the ARCs will soon be going off to print. It’s been a crazy busy time with two books coming out in one year and with last year’s book still getting some attention.

This Saturday, I’m set to do a virtual book launch for THE FAMILY WAY which is another first for me. It’s something that anyone on or off Facebook can attend. I’m not sure what to expect but I guess I’ll be soon finding out.

Now, it’s off to work on my next book. I’ve a few in the works but so it’ll be a race to see which one makes it to the finish line first.

The Atlantic Book Awards

It’s that time of the year again when the nominations for the Atlantic Book Awards are announced. I’m honoured and thrilled that Good Mothers Don’t has been short-listed for this year’s Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award, and thrilled to be in the company of such gifted writers.

The winners for all the awards will be announced later in May. Wish me luck!

Saying Good Bye to THE FAMILY WAY

Just moments ago I said goodbye to THE FAMILY WAY. Honestly, I breathed a sigh of relief. This means, of course, that the files have now been sent off to the printer and we are coming into the home stretch. The April 13th release day is not that far away .

The Family Way is book #3 in the Cammie series. The first two books were of course FLYING WITH A BROKEN WING and CAMMIE TAKES FLIGHT.

Soon, I’ll be holding all our hard work in my hands. Yes, I did say “our hard work” because it takes many hands to get a book to publication. Can’t say enough good about the entire Nimbus team. Hard to believe this is my fifth book with them. I well remember when the publication of a book felt like an unattainable dream, one that I kept working toward even those times when I didn’t believe it would ever happen.

Here is the final cover, front and back. Call me silly, but I’m quite partial to the little pram on the book spine.  Some of you might recognize the building on the front as The Ideal Maternity Home. The Blurb on the back was written by Hadley Dyer, a writer I admire greatly. We met many years ago when her book, JOHNNY KELLOCK DIED TODAY was published and she later gave me some wonderful advice that I never forgot. And the fact that she’s a “Valley girl” is an added bonus. We actually attended the same high school–in different centuries of course.

The Family Way can be pre-ordered right now directly from Me, the author (Yes, I’ll take pre-orders too if you’re in the area! Simply message me on Facebook or through the CONTACT page of this blog. )You can also pre-order from your local  Independent bookstore,    Nimbus Publishing. Indigo

Special Delivery, Unveiled.

Days before Christmas I mentioned  here on my blog that Miss Charlotte had received a special delivery from my awesome publisher, complete with a special note. I was feeling a little down that she wouldn’t be able to come to our home for Christmas this year, something she’d been doing for the past ten years. So, it was such a wonder gesture on my publisher’s part.


Needless to say, she was one happy girl. Miss Charlotte likes the cover as it is but it has yet to be finalized at this time, so we may see some changes when the book actually comes out.

What’s the book about? Well, for those of you who are familiar with the Cammie series, this book is the prequel to those.  Readers will finally find out who Cammie’s mother is.  Much of the book is set at the Ideal Maternity Home in East Chester, the infamous home of the Butterbox Babies. Here’s the back cover blurb.

Set in 1930 and based on true events, this middle-grade novel explores family secrets, set at the Ideal Maternity Home.

Tulia May lives in rural Nova Scotia with her mother, who works in the laundry of the nearby Ideal Maternity Home. It’s a place where unwed mothers can discreetly give birth, a place where adoptions by rich Americans can be quickly arranged. Tulia doesn’t think about the workings of the home much; mostly she hates being roped in to helping scrub the endless diapers. Her friend Finny Paul has suspicions that the home is holding sinister secrets — the worst being that unadoptable babies are being buried in butterboxes — but Tulia thinks he’s being ridiculous. When Tulia’s sister Becky ends up in the home, Tulia truly starts to consider Finny’s concerns. And when she and Finny discover what’s really going on there, she knows she has to act quickly to keep Becky’s baby safe.

Based on the true story of the Ideal Maternity Home, and its tragic Butterbox Babies, The Family Way is a thoughtful and engaging exploration of family and of Nova Scotia’s history. A stand-alone middle-grade novel, it also serves as a prequel to the critically acclaimed Cammie novels, Flying With a Broken Wing

Release date for The Family Way is April 2021. That’s only four months  from now. I’m so looking forward to sharing the rest of Cammie’s story with you all. In the mean time, I’ll be hard at work on the edits for my next novel, A Sure Cure for Witchcraft.

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