The Apocalypse is coming. The Apocalypse is coming!

I wonder how many end of the world blog posts went up this past week? Maybe some of you even wrote one. I actually thought about writing one myself, one night while I was trying to shut my head off from the edits I was doing. I got thinking about what I’d want to leave behind for some other civilization to find in the case of my demise if I decided to write uch a post. Well, actually, the demise of the entire planet (unless you have a bunker some place to wait it out , but personally, I didn’t see any on sale and something just told me they’d be too pricey for me to afford.) So while I was thinking about all this, the thoughts of a time capsule started to sound interesting. What would I place in one? What would leave behind a lasting impression should the world come to an end? What things would tell the story of me and my contribution to the world? That’s when I had to remind myself of how unimportant my life would be should the end actually come. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing I could put in a time capsule that would wow some alien from another planet. And really do I care what some alien thinks? I don’t think so.

So, while I wasn’t having much luck settling down for the night, my mind then envisioned someone riding through the streets crying, “The Apocalypse is coming, the Apocalypse is coming!“ (Can you tell I write historic fiction?) That’s when I had to giggle. But hey, imagine if these doomsday predictions had come many years ago, before the invention of tv or the Internet. Who would warn the masses to prepare for the end? I mean, think of poor old Paul Revere when he made his historic ride, warning that the British were coming. If he could have posted that on Facebook it would have saved a lot of time and effort on his part, not to mention his poor horse. And tweeting?  Let’s not even go there. Call me physic but I predict that warning would probably have gone viral. I mean, the British were coming. That was serious business back then.

So, December 21 came and went. I spent the day shopping. There were so many people out like it was their last day on earth. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that!)

The end of the world predictions will be forgotten for the time being—at least until the next time. My daughter mentioned she’d read that a specific time had even been chosen—7:11 am.. And here’s the kicker—After my restless  I-cant-shut-my-head-off-after-spending-the-evening-on-edits night, when I woke in the morning and looked at the clock. Do you know what time it was? Yup, you guess it: 7:11. Wow my subconscious must really be something. Here’s hoping it helps me out the next time I’m stuck on a storyline.

So, how did you spend your end of the world day? Anything exciting happen other than the world not coming to an end? Do you have any doomsday jokes you’re just dying to share? I’d sure like to read them.

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