Which Photo?

I was pleasantly surprised by the response I received from my last post about the author photos —not only from people voting directly on my blog, using the voting system I set up, but those of you who posted your preference in the comments on Facebook. I’m assuming some people did both! It’s nice to know so many of you took the time to check out the photos and to vote for the one you liked best. I appreciate it!

It’s probably no surprise to my facebook friends to learn that an overwhelming amount of you liked photo #2 best as many of you said so in the comments. Many of you said you liked my smile and the books in the background. I liked the photo as well. (I was surprised that no one pointed out the title of a couple of books on my shelf. I thought someone would be more observant! ) So, I liked #2 but I also liked all four photos for different reasons. It was why I picked them as potential photos. Second choice, among those who voted, seemed to be very close between #4 and  #1. In fourth place was #3. No surprise there as a few people pointed out that it looked as though I had corn growing out of my head. And at least one person expressed a dislike for all of them for a variety of reasons.

We all have different opinions, and I believe these differences are a good thing. It helps us consider new ideas that we might not have otherwise have thought of.

Okay so, none of the photos were picture perfect, but I wasn’t looking for perfection. What I was looking for was a photo that I was happy with. One where I didn’t have a stunned look on my face, or my mouth contorted in an odd way, or wrinkles jumping off the page. Anyone’s who has ever had a photo taken for promotional purposes understands exactly what I mean. And while my very first inclination was to choose the one that many people liked best, I recalled my high school graduation photo and how I took the opinion of others instead of ordering the one I liked best. I was never happy with the photo. It’s packed away some place in the attic.

 Which photo did I submit?

The photo I submitted ended up being  #1. It was the one I liked best from the start and I decided to stick with my first preference. I almost swayed with so many of you choosing #2, but in the end, I decided it was more important for me to be happy with the photo than to choose the one I thought would make the most people happy. We don’t always know why we pick one thing over another, we just do. It’s like asking someone why they like green and not blue.

So there you have it. Again, I thank all of you for voting. I hope you had as much fun with it as I did.  🙂





Buying Local

While putting some final touches on my Christmas shopping yesterday, I ended up wandering around the mall finally making my way to the bookstore. (Okay, so my first stop was the bookstore…I’m a book addict. I can’t help myself.) As luck would have it I found a book by one of my favourite authors and figured it was a well deserved Christmas present.

So as I was browsing around, I noticed a table out front with a sign suggesting a variety of local books. Of course, Bitter, Sweet was among them. The table was filled with books!

Since local is definitely in, I suppose it’s a great way to promote our local talent and why not.

I’m not sure if I’m overly sensitive now that my own book is out but there seems to be a healthy selection of local books this fall. (By local I’m referring to authors from the South Shore of the province.) I don’t recall seeing this type of promotion other years. It may have been there and I just didn’t see it.

So to Coles in the Bridgewater Mall, I salute your promotion of our local talent. For anyone in the area make sure you check it out. I think you’ll be just as delighted as I over the variety of titles.

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