I Just Can’t Like You Anymore

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of problems liking people, which is new for me since I generally get along well with others. Here’s the scoop. I’ll start with Facebook. I love Facebook, don’t get me wrong, but this past while I’ve noticed, I no sooner “like” something then I notice that “like” has been taken away, disappeared into the great wide world of the Internet. Zappo! Poof! I don’t think it’s just me and my slow connection since others seem to agree with, but not everyone. Some say it hasn’t been a problem for them. And it’s not just the likeability thing. I’m sometimes told I can’t comment or else the comment I make disappears too. Well, okay, I’ll accept that, but when I want to comment on my own status it’s a bit annoying to be told I’m not allowed to.

Is it fair to knock these free services? I’m not sure. Do we have a right to certain expectations? I kind of think so since the whole idea is for us to interact with one another. Free or not, it’s difficult not to find yourself grumbling a time or two when these things mess up so frequently.

Since were on the subject of likes:

Now onto WordPress. I love the “like “ button we now have, because let’s face it sometimes we just don’t have time to think up a comment or sometimes we just have nothing to add, but still want to say, “Hey, I liked your post!” It’s a support thing and it’s great. However, most of the time my “like” button won’t load. This, I’m fairly sure is because of my connection and not a whole lot I can do about it. Every now and then I’m surprised when everything loads properly. So, it’s not that I don’t “like” you all anymore. Really it’s not you…it’s me.

The last of the proofreading for my book was done over the long weekend. I swear no matter how many times something is proofread, by yourself and others, those nasty little typos are bound to appear from out of nowhere. It’s seems inevitable. Yet we all hope. My editor says it’s impossible to catch them all. It’s soon off to the printers! I’ve been in touch with the Publicist from Nimbus and we’ve discussed launch dates although at this point it’s a bit tricky since there’s always the chance that things will get tied up at the printers. Can’t have a launch if the books have been delayed, right? For now, I have a tentative date since I needed to book the community centre ahead of time. No official announcement yet.  It’s all moving straight ahead.

Today Miss Charlotte comes to visit and we’re pretty excited. She hasn’t been down since Christmas. Hopefully, she’ll find lots to do and the weather will be great.

So, that’s my bit of news for the week. What are you all up to this week? Are any of you are having a problem “liking” people?

Moving right along……

The layout file for Bitter, Sweet arrived earlier this week with a request that I have a list of any errors or changes I want in the text back to them by Friday. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal— we’re not talking about a full length novel here–but since I work during the day I’ve been a bit pressed for time.

For anyone who hasn’t seen one before, a layout file is basically a pdf file of the book pages, the way they will appear in the book, complete with dedication, acknowledgments, and a whole page of other necessary things like photo credit, the copyright, book cover designer, those sorts of things. Since the printing on the layout file is so large I found it much easier to read and to find little errors that didn’t get picked up before.

Our brains are a curious thing for we tend to see what we think is there instead of what is actually there. Proofreading my novel several times made this all too clear. Of course this was the first time I actually read it word for word, out loud, to make sure everything was in its place. Hope we (my editor will be giving it a final look through as well) didn’t miss anything but I can list a good many books where I found mistakes and I must say I was pretty forgiving. Hopefully if we’ve missed something my readers will also be forgiving.

Also today, the final cover (front and back) came for my approval. Sure looked strange seeing my face on the back cover. I really like the synopsis they put together, I feel as though it really captures the essence of the book

Guess it’s all coming together now. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s not a dream.

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