Time Flies

Do you ever wish you could stretch time out or at least stop it for a few days to catch up on some things?

I’m in awe of how quickly the summer is going. Although I suspect it goes quickly for everyone, it seems as though here in the country it simply flies by. Summer is a busy time. I’ve been working in the garden, working at my job, trying to squeeze in some writing time, not to mention preparing for the upcoming release of my book. A lot of juggling to do. There are worse things in life though, like being bored out of one’s tree. So I’ll try not to complain about all the things in my life that keep me busy.

Publicity for the book is soon underway. I have my first interview next week for a small publication that is distributed to all the homes in the surrounding area. I might have mentioned that I’ll be reading this year again at Word on the Street on the 22nd of September and of course the book launch is tentatively scheduled for the 29th. As well as email invites, Nimbus will send out snail mail invitations so I’m in the process of gathering addresses and making a list. Unfortunately, I can’t find my list from four years ago so I’m basically starting from scratch again.

I want to mention that I’ve added a new tab on my blog for the new book. There’s an excerpt there as well for anyone who is interested in reading it. I shared it yesterday with my Facebook friends. I”m still hoping to put together a book trailer for this book, although I’ll make no promises at this point. Much of it depends upon my daughter and how much time we’ll get when she next visits.

The contest to enter a chance to win JoAnn Yhard’s new book, Buried Secrets at Louisbourg is open until next Friday. Don’t forget to enter. JoAnn shared her thoughts on writing a sequel.

How is your summer going? Do you have any tips on slowing down time because I could sure use some.  😉


The Big Interview

Well, maybe not so big but we had a nice long chat and the lady who interviewed me had actually read the book!!

Earlier today the editor from the Kings County Register came by to interview me. Since Dalhousie is actually in three different counties we usually get coverage from both Kings and Lunenburg which is great. The article will run next week before the launch. I’ll put a link up when it comes out. I really don’t like having my picture snapped because I take really bad photos but I guess it’s too late to feel self conscious about a silly old photo that will be forgotten next week. It’s like getting a bad hair cut…It’ll grow out in time.

This week the Bridgewater Bulletin ran a story about “Bitter, Sweet” I’ve included the link below in case anyone is interested in looking. As I was told the other day it’s all publicity for the book which is always a welcomed thing. I got away easy on the Bulletin article because the gentleman interviewed me over the phone.. No photos…Teehee.


I also have a whole stack of bookmarks that Nimbus sent me so if anyone in the area would like one or some just let me know I’ll make sure you get one.

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