Starting Over

I’ve moved. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time now. It was hard to get the time to set things up, and I’m still working at it. It’s a slow process. I hope you’ll be patient with me. Moving is a lot like starting over. You’re shaking your past, leaving it behind, saying adios amigo, see ya later alligator…

IMAG2341But wait a minute…I’m not really going any place. I’ve moved my Dalhousie blog to WordPress. A slow Internet connection played a big role in this decision. Blogger was simply impossible for me to deal with. It’s why I stopped updating. It just wasn’t worth the hassle. Okay, so now some of you are saying Dalhousie Blog? What the heck is that? Some of you know as I continually get clicks from the “way out here in Dalhousie ” tab on this blog. But the Dalhousie blog is a simply blog about life in rural Nova Scotia.

So if you’re interested you might want to check out my “other” blob. I have to be honest, this move has left me a little lonely without a single blog stat. I have one blog follower (Okay, apparently that’s me!) I inadvertently subscribed to my own blog and it simply won’t let me unsubscribe. Kind of pathetic, isn’t it? All well….I’ll start the slow climb upward. And really it’s not about the stats. A blog is an extension of ourselves, a way to express who we are. Who knows perhaps in time I’ll find a way to merge these two parts of my life and bring them together into one. One thing I did notice when the new posts were imported that some of them are a bit off in alignment. I tried moving things around but WordPress was stubborn. It just didn’t happen. So I’m going forward, turning my back on past posts. Full steam ahead!

Anyway, the “other” blog is mostly for photos, usually a quote, and written post. Quite simply for the time being. Perhaps as time goes by I’ll write some longer posts, but that will depend upon how inspired I feel.

So, if you’re ready, willing and able, here’s the link to the brand-spanking new …way out here in Dalhousie blog. I hope you’ll drop in from time to time and I hope I’ll feel much more comfy here with WordPress.


God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest. ~~J.G. Holland

Today, I found my first robin nest of the season and thought I’d share it with you. There’s something about finding pretty blue eggs in a  nest that brings joy to my heart. I love finding these gifts from nature. Sometimes living in a rural area feels pretty darn good.

Be Careful What You Blog About

Awhile back I wrote a blog post titled Keeping the Raccoons Away. The post was about a book launch I attended for a gardening book, PLants for Atlantic Gardens, and was meant to be light-hearted as I joked about my husband’s foolproof method for keeping raccoons out of our grapevine.

This grapevine goes on forever, despite the fact that it is pruned every year.

Living in a rural area this is a bit of a challenge, as each year we’d try
to pick the ripe grapes before the raccoons scoffed them all off. Most times we lost out, waking some morning to find every last grape gone..

Little did I know, when I wrote that post back then, how much of a problem those pesky raccoons are for so many, and just how many people would turn to the internet for answers, and just how many would stumble across that blog post looking for an answer. (You’ve got to love wordpress for letting you know what words people search on when they find your blog.) Had I known back then the number of people who would be interested in knowing this secret I would have actually posted that answer. But how’s a blogger to know what will generate interest on the internet? So for all of you who come seeking the truth as to how my husband kept the raccoons out of our grapevine it’s really quite simply.

He played music. Yep that’s it. Sounds pretty simple. Nope he didn’t sit out by the grapevine playing quitar at night, heaven forbid. (Believe me the neighbours would have had something to say about that.)

These grapes still have a long way to go.

Each night he plugged in his radio, and went off to dreamland.Now since raccoons are not interested in green grapes or country music, you need only serenade them late in the season when the grapes begin to ripen. Anyway that’s it. It worked for us. We were able to happily harvest our grapes last year– ever last one of them.

Next time I’ll think twice before writing a blog post. There’s nothing worse than searching a subject and discover the ramblings of Nova Scotia writer and not what you’re really looking for. 🙂

Upcoming Anthology

A few years back I had a piece chosen for publication in an anthology about rural living– actually about growing up in a rural area. I was pretty excited about it and wasn’t even sure at the time if I had anything worth writing about since I had this idea in my head that I was a fiction writer and that writing non-fiction was something I’d never be able to do and do well. Something urged me to try and to my shock and surprise mine was one of the pieces chosen. I worked with the editor on the piece, sent in a photo, filled out a questionnaire with information and she wrote a bio. Everything was set to go. We even had a publisher willing to take on the project; payments were sent out to all the contributors, contracts signed, all that technical stuff. There was nothing to do but wait for the publishing date to arrive which we were told would be last fall.

But when fall came the publication date was pushed to the spring. No problem this was still within the contract agreement. Then last winter I received a letter from the editor telling me that for a number of reasons which I won’t go into here, the anthology had been cancelled and she was left looking for another publisher. I can’t imagine all the work this editor put into the book– working with over thirty contributors–only to have this happen. I was disappointed of course but I’ve had similar things happen in the past. I knew getting upset about it wouldn’t help and to be perfectly honest I still had hopes for this anthology. There are some great Canadian names included in the anthology such as George Fox, Pamela Wallen, Preston Manning, Brett Sutter, to name a few.

This Friday I received some great news from the editor. The anthology has been accepted by another publisher and as soon as the contract is signed she’ll make an official announcement!! Woohoo!! I’m quite tickled about this. We have all been waiting a long time for this anthology.

So there’s my big news. When it’s all official I’ll let everyone know who the publisher is and when it will be coming out. Hopefully it won’t be a terribly long wait. After all it’s ready for publication. My thoughts are perhaps spring but we shall see!!

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