Not a Pushy Broad

I have a friend who describes herself as a “pushy broad,” meaning that she’s not afraid to stand up for herself, to take the initiative, ask the questions, get right to the bottom of things. While some people are sometimes put off by her approach, the undeniable truth is that she usually gets whatt she wants in the end. And I’m pretty sure she’s not one of those people who spend their time cuddling up to her if onlys at the end of the day.

With my friend in mind, I’ve been thinking more about the topic of self-promotion and what all it entails. I’m really not a pushy person by any means. It’s just the way I am. Does it work to my disadvantage? To be honest, most times I would have to say, yes. I know there are opportunities I miss out on simply because I don’t jump in with both feet and say, “Here I am.” I’m not the sort to push myself onto others. Make no mistake I’m more than willing to do anything I’m asked to especially for the sake of my book.

I know authors who have no qualms about walking into bookstores and asking to sign copies of their book that are in stock. Coles stores here have an “Author Signed” sticker they put on signed copies of books. People like to buy signed copies for themselves and for others. Booksellers have told me that it works very well as a marketing tool.

I’m always agreeable to do anything that is asked of me. If I’m asked in a particular store to sign books I’m all for it. In fact, I consider it a real honour to even be asked although I have yet to walk into a store and asked to sign copies of my book that is in stock.

Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with doing that, I’m just saying it’s not something I think I could ever see myself doing. It’s not me, not who I am. (But who knows further done the road I might have an entirely different story to tell.) Nor have I ever sent my book to be reviewed. It is true my publisher has done this on my behalf but I’ve never initiated it. To me it seems akin to asking someone what they think of my book, and as I’ve mentioned here before I never do that either. On the other hand if someone initiates a review of my work that feels different. In fact, it’s wonderful and so, so appreciated!

Posting things on my blog about my book feels a bit different to me. This blog is my online home, the place where people can find me if they so choose. You can choose to read my posts or not, choose to comment and let me know you’re out there, or not. You are free to totally ignore me if you choose. But I hope you won’t. 🙂

I know we’ve discussed self-promotion on this blog before, and most writers agree that a certain amount is required. Most also agree that they don’t necessarily enjoy that aspect of this profession.

I’m wondering now, of the writers out there, are you the type of person who could walk into a bookstore and ask to sign books? Do you/could you send copies of your book for review? In the way of self-promotion how far would you be willing to go? In other words, would you describe yourself as a “pushy broad?”

Self Promotion

So I’ve been told a time or two that I suck when it comes to self promotion. (Okay I was told I’m doing a bit better but I’ve got lots to learn.) The truth is it’s difficult for me to get that “Who does she think she is?” attitude out of my head. Each time I write a blog post I wonder if anyone will even bother to read it. Will they even care?   Are they, as one blogger writes, “rolling their eyes?”

But let’s face it. The book is out and authors are expected to do their share of self promotion if we expect books to be sold. That’s just the way it is.

I grew up in a household where it was thought to be boastful if we spoke about our accomplishments.  No one likes someone who brags all the time. It’s hard to get those thoughts of my head.

There’s a great post today over at Jody Hedlund’s blog , Can Writers Market Themselves Without Making Eyes Roll? If you have time check it out. Jody’s debut novel  “The Preacher’s Bride” is set for release in early October.

For the writer out thereDo you struggle with self promotion?

For the non-writersHave you ever thought an author’s self-promoting ways have made your eyes roll a time or two?

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