Shopping Dilemma

I wanted to call this post “Shopping Sucks” but decided against it. A title with the word “Sucks” in it would pretty much suck. It would be a whiny, miserable post that would likely put me in a lousy mood.

Maybe I’m the one who sucks when it comes to shopping.

The truth is, I’m shopping for something to wear to a few public appearances, Word on the Street and my book launch, both of them a week apart. It’s not that I haven’t been looking. I have, honest, I have. But the truth is when you’re “petite” there’s not a whole lot to choose from. The petite section is VERY small in the ladies shop. Kind of ironic, don’t you think?

Today , I was out and about in the rain, trying to find something I like, something that looked good on me. I didn’t have much luck. I’m a sorry excuse for a shopper. My sense of fashion is pretty much non-existing. The girls in the shops were exasperated with me. I was exasperated with me. I don’t like patterns. When you explain that horizontal stripes do not look good on a “petite” woman, they roll their eyes. So sue me. I don’t like stripes. I don’t like polka dots. I don’t like colours all smeared together like some finger painting Miss Charlotte would do. I don’t like the patterns my mother wore when I was growing up. I don’t like large flowers. I don’t like frills. I don’t like baggy. Nor am I looking to show any cleavage. I don’t like certain colours on me. Does this make me fussy?

So what do I like? Something simple, but tasteful. Solid colours are good. I like red, and blue, and purple, and burgundy, and green. I like black. No, do not suggest orange to me. Orange is nice, but it’s not my colour. Some pattern would be okay under the right circumstances. What circumstances you might ask? Ah, that’s the tricky part. I’ll know it when I see it. And yes, some of the things I looked at were nice in their own way, but would look much better on someone who wasn’t five feet tall in heels.

Anyway, tomorrow’s another day. I’ve not been defeated. I’m heading out again. This time I’m Valley bound. I’ll take off in a totally different direction. I won’t stop until I’ve found the outfit for me. Surely, there is something out there I like and will look good on me.

Wish my luck!

 Do you have as hard a time shopping as what I do? Do you have any tips to give me? I could sure use some advice.

The Christmas List

December already and I’m attempting to get my Christmas shopping done. I haven’t yet given serious thought to baking, decorating or wrapping gifts yet, but that’s nothing unusual for me. Eventually everything that needs doing gets done before the big day. I’m not one of those people who thrive on the “preparation part” of Christmas. I want to go into Christmas relaxed and able to enjoy the time with my family. When my kids were small that was next to impossible. Sometimes change is a good thing.
This Christmas there will be laughter, food, gifts, and most of all the laughter. Did I mention laughter? Of right, I did. We’re a pretty silly bunch when we get together. Last year seemed to be the year for poetry as a good many poems accompanied the gifts. I’m inclined to think that, for all of us, the poems were the best part, certainly the part that we remember first.
I always ask my kids to make a list of gift suggestions just to make it a bit easier on dear old Mum. I have a full head of hair and I’d like to keep it that way. My kids all know this list is more of a wish list than anything because I’m not about to try and track down everything on it. Besides, now that they’re all earning more money than me I’m thinking that perhaps I’m the one who should be making up a list. It never seems to work that way though. Ah well, that’s the way.
Last year I shared with you a bit of my son’s list where he claimed to have suddenly gone Atheist and therefore didn’t want any Christmas gifts.You can read a portion of last year’s Christmas list. here. It was a fairly substantial note intended to obviously amuse me, which it did. I’m a pushover when it comes to silly. My kids know it.
This year, after an enormous amount of prodding from me, I received this lovely list in an email which he titled “short and sweet.” I thought some of you might be interested to see what’s on the wish list of your typical 24 year old these days. Hmmm, did I say typical?…Tell me what you think. This is how the email arrived to me. I added my response. I simply couldn’t stop myself.

short and sweet:

-A 1000 pk bag of sugar twin.  (I’m assuming he’s developed a sweet tooth, but doesn’t want the calories)
-A 50 pound bag of potatoes.  (This one really threw me..For the love of God who asks for a 50 pound bag of spuds? When asked to specify, he said he’s partial to Yukon Gold.)
-Nair for men (Is there even such a thing as Nair for men? Okay, this one had me worried a bit. But wait, my mind is telling me he’s been lifting weights at the gym, could it be he’s going to become a body builder? Body builders remove unwanted hair, right?)
-Grecian 5, colour AC242  (I have no idea if this is an actual colour, but me thinks not. I’m sure he pulled that colour number out of thin air.)
-Cardamom— (hmmmm.This is one bachelor who knows how to cook and obviously knows more about spices than his mother.. I had to look that spice up. Perhaps it’s an attention getter, you know for when he invites his date in for a meal he’s prepared. Every woman loves a man who knows his way around the kitchen. Right? But will she even know what Cardamom is?)
-Pickled Herring (I knew  sooner or later there would be something fishy about this list of his.)
-door stops –(Yup, what every young man hankers after these days—door stops.I’m sure there are a few rocks around here that would do the trick. In his spare time he can paint them up and make them look quite nifty if he’s truly ambitious.)
-those little pads that go on your cupboard doors ( .Ah yes, those little pads, the ones my second child chewed off my cupboards when she was a toddler. Apparently, they even lack a proper name ..)
-2, 5 gallon SunSpun oil buckets (Free at the superstore)  (Need they be SunSpun, I wondered? Won’t just any five gallon bucket do the trick? I’m assuming these will double for chairs as well as storage, right? You know, for when he invites his date over a gourmet meal of pickled herring and potatoes that he’s prepared himself. He can even sweeten that dessert he’s making with sugar twin and let’s not forget the cardamom, heavens to Betsy we can’t forget that.)

So there you see what I have to deal with. Although, truthfully, it serves to remind me that we needn’t take life or Christmas too seriously. There are far more important things in this world than wanting everything to be perfect.  Perfection is a façade, something that builds up our expectations to greater heights when really it is the simpler things such as peace, hope,joy and love that we will remember and cherish. Let’s not forget the love and support of family. It won’t be that big ticket item you purchased that you’ll look back on with fond memories, but the happy times that you created with your loved ones near.

Now to get back to my Christmas shopping. Anyone know a good place to buy Yukon Gold potatoes? I SO want to get him a bag just to see the expression on his face come Christmas morning.

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