After Fiona

While Fiona has come and gone here in the Atlantic Provinces, she left much behind to remember her by. Here in my small corner we lost power for about a day and a half but we sustained very little damage from the wind. We are so very fortune to have escaped Fiona’s wrath, but my heart goes out to other places in the Atlantic Provinces where trees were uprooted, homes destroyed and washed out to sea, as well as loss of life. I can’t begin to imagine what these people are going through. There will be so much clean-up in the days and weeks ahead.

This link will take you to some photos of the damage. Here

Thoughts and prayers to all those dealing with the aftermath of Fiona.


Plenty of wind and rain here in Nova Scotia today as Hurricane Bill approaches. The electricity has flickered once so I’m going to predict that the power will go off before this is over. Seems whenever we get a storm, be it rain or snow, the power is one of the first things to go. It’s not so bad in the warm weather but during the winter months it is most unpleasant. I may have to turn toward pen and paper if this happens.

I personally find storms to be quite inspiring. When the wind is howling and the snow or rain is coming down my mind crawls into empty corners and stays there until it is time to come out. Let’s face it storms are much more interesting than fine sunny days. Things can happen during a storm, interesting things. So I’ll use this stormy day to the best of my ability. I’ll allow the storm to inspire me instead of whining about the wind and rain and if the lights go out I’ll light a lamp and keep on writing.

“Bitter, Sweet,” has now been sent off to the book designer. In a few weeks I’ll get one last chance to read it over before it goes to the printer!

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