And the Rain Came Down

Eventually the rain comes, as it did yesterday here in Nova Scotia. It alternated between heavy downpours, quickly shifting to a gentle pelting of rain and then back once again. The gardens are in great need of rain as are the brooks and streams and lakes. Everything needs rain.

And then I awoke to the sound of rain outside this morning, so pleased that it was still falling.

Summer is quickly dwindling and with it the plans I had at the start of the summer for things I wanted to accomplish. For weeks we suffered an unbearable heat which disrupted my plans. It’s so difficult to work outside when experiencing temps of 41 f with the humidex counted in.

Our oldest granddaughter was able to get in an extended visit this summer, something that hadn’t happened for the past two years and so we tried to visit some places around the province with the limited time we have for going out. We managed to visit some interesting places fairly close to home which was fun. One does not have to go far to build lasting memories. But now she is home and we are left with the gentle sound of rain outside.

I will return to working on the first draft of my next novel and, hopefully, get back on track with some of the odd jobs we’re hoping to accomplish while summer is still here. Time pulls us along, through days and weeks and eventually months. Soon we’ll see small hints of fall and before we know it, the leaves will turn and eventually fall to the ground. Summer will fade into the background as we look ahead to the coming seasons.

I hope where you are, you’re experiencing some gentle rain today. In the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow—“The Best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”

And A Warm Summer Breeze

Summer has definitely arrived here in Nova Scotia, and with it a stifling heat. Some days have been reaching +41 with the humidex. And yet, we suffer the heat as we do each summer. Those of us with air conditioning stick close to the house, and while it offers a bit of a break, that’s not possible at all times. Sometimes, we need to find a shady tree and feel the breeze against our skin, even that warm breeze.

I’m presently working on the final edits for my fall book, a middle grade novel, inspired by a friend and neighbour of mine who lived to be one hundred. The book that started out as a short story in the nineties, grew and evolved over time to the book it is today. Thanks to my editor, the lovely Penelope, for helping me bring the book to life. The story is a simple one but will hopefully be one that younger (and older!) readers will connect with. It feels so good to know it is about to be published. The book has been dedicated to my friend and rightly so. Perhaps she is watching from somewhere, with that impish smile on her face.

I hope you are enjoying this warm breeze today and hopefully the heatwave will soon end. And stay tuned for some new exciting news that I’ll be sharing with you at a later date. Stay cool.

September Catch-up Post

Oh wow, where did summer go? Seriously, I want to know what happened to this entire season that only began a few short weeks ago. Is it hiding? Did it get lost? Did someone steal it? Did it disappear all on its own? Abducted by aliens? Come on. This is simply ridiculous.

I’ve been busy working and writing and gardening and editing and grand parenting and knitting. The edits for the sequel to Flying with a Broken Wing are moving long. I finished two rounds with my editor Penelope Jackson who is really wonderful to work with. I worked with her on the edits for the last book and was really pleased to have her as an editor again. From what I’ve been told the advanced reading copies (you know, the ones that get sent out early to reviewers and the like) will be ready to send out early winter. I expect there will be some small changes to the manuscript once the proofreaders go through it and who knows maybe I’ll see a thing or two I might want to change. (But just minor changes at this point.)

So with the edits done (for the most part) I’ve been working on a few other writing projects. Again this summer, I took my books to the Heritage Blueberry Festival in Parkdale and I also took part in the Rural Arts and Life Tour. I met a lot of people and sold some books, but most importantly I had a great time. I picked up a few gifts at the gift shop in the Parkdale/Maplewood Museum. They have a great little gift shop and museum. If you’ve never been there plan to check it out sometime.

Despite having the lack of rain this summer, the garden managed to grow. We weren’t overrun with zucchini or pumpkins this year which was a bit of a relief. Luckily, hubby cut back on how many seeds he planted. You really don’t need ten + zucchini plants. Those buggers multiply like rabbits. This photo of dsc07829the LaHave River was taken in early August.  Many of our rivers are nothing but beds of rock. We’ve recently had a bit of rain but no where near enough to bring the water levels up. I read this morning that this is the driest summer on record and that we can expect more of the same in  the years ahead. Wells are going dry. Serious stuff.

Work…what can I say? Work.

Miss Charlotte got in a visit to Nova Scotia this summer which was nice even despite the fact that we had to work. She’s headed into to grade one this year and really loving it! The twins turned one in September. I’m not sure where that year went either. Hmm, seems to be that time is dwindling everywhere I turn. I think that happens as we age. But don’t quote me on that. Little Levi is a going concern and talking a blue streak these days. He’s filled with “whys” and other questions. He’s a boy on the go.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share the cover of my new book with all of you soon. They’ll want it finalized to put in the spring catalogue. Not sure when that gets put together but I believe it will be relatively soon. So keep your fingers crossed. I’m getting pretty excited to see it. As you’ve probably noticed publishing is a mighty slow business. Of course they’re planning ahead all the time so they are always very busy getting their titles ready for publication. It just seems slow to all of us.

Oh yes, knitting. If you’re on Facebook with me you might be aware that I’m knitting a few pairs of slippers for a friend’s mother, trying to squeeze that in during my spare time. I’m having coffee with her next weekend so I need to be all ready for then. Three of us , friends since high school, get together once a year to catch up on all our news. It’s always a fun time.

So, that was just a bit of what’s been happening in my little corner. Nothing exciting. Just every day. The exiting life of a published writer!

What’s news?

This week marked my blogging anniversary. That’s right! I’ve been hiding out on WordPress for seven years now. The number seven seems significant in that it’s always been said to be a lucky number and aren’t the cells in our bodies all replaced in seven years? I always wondered how they can know this. Regardless, I’ve been here in the blogging world for seven years. I’ve met some wonderful people and I’ve seen many bloggers come and go. Maybe I deserve a pat on the back for making it this far. Also it’s been seven years this fall since Bitter, Sweet came out–just saying.

It’s berry season in my part of the world. Wouldn’t you love to have a field full of these beauties to pick? We’ve been helping some friends with their berry crop for a few days. It’s always a challenge to get them harvested.DSC07511A few weeks back we took a trip to Centreville and stopped off that the Cement Museum which was the home of Charles Macdonald. Unfortunately it wasn’t open for the season, but we took some pics of the statues outside. Quite amazing to think it is all made of cement.  I’m looking forward to seeing the inside once the museum is open.


These cottages were also built by Charles Macdonald in the 1930’s and are in Hall’s Harbour. I think they’re absolutely charming. Some describe them as fairy homes and I can understand. They look so enchanting.


This one is called the Blue Cottage for obvious reasons. I understand that it can be rented!



Outside the museum there were other statues all made by Charles Macdonald.


Love this mountain lion. He looks to be on the hunt. Maybe for the deer that are hanging around the property.


I’m curious about this lovely lady, how and why she ended up here, naked, in the garden. Perhaps there a story there and maybe, just maybe, the answer can be found within the museum itself.


Okay, to many, none of this is earth-shattering news, or even news at all, but just a few things that caught my attention this past while. I’m so glad to say that summer is finally here. I’ve been looking forward to it and hoping I’ll squeeze in some writing time over the next few months.

Do you have any special plans for the summer months? I love to hear about it!

Time Flies

Do you ever wish you could stretch time out or at least stop it for a few days to catch up on some things?

I’m in awe of how quickly the summer is going. Although I suspect it goes quickly for everyone, it seems as though here in the country it simply flies by. Summer is a busy time. I’ve been working in the garden, working at my job, trying to squeeze in some writing time, not to mention preparing for the upcoming release of my book. A lot of juggling to do. There are worse things in life though, like being bored out of one’s tree. So I’ll try not to complain about all the things in my life that keep me busy.

Publicity for the book is soon underway. I have my first interview next week for a small publication that is distributed to all the homes in the surrounding area. I might have mentioned that I’ll be reading this year again at Word on the Street on the 22nd of September and of course the book launch is tentatively scheduled for the 29th. As well as email invites, Nimbus will send out snail mail invitations so I’m in the process of gathering addresses and making a list. Unfortunately, I can’t find my list from four years ago so I’m basically starting from scratch again.

I want to mention that I’ve added a new tab on my blog for the new book. There’s an excerpt there as well for anyone who is interested in reading it. I shared it yesterday with my Facebook friends. I”m still hoping to put together a book trailer for this book, although I’ll make no promises at this point. Much of it depends upon my daughter and how much time we’ll get when she next visits.

The contest to enter a chance to win JoAnn Yhard’s new book, Buried Secrets at Louisbourg is open until next Friday. Don’t forget to enter. JoAnn shared her thoughts on writing a sequel.

How is your summer going? Do you have any tips on slowing down time because I could sure use some.  😉


WordPress, Wayne Dyer, Summer, Book Releases, and Grandchildren

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. ~~Oprah Winfrey

Funny how time slips away from us as we watch the seasons come and go. Time slowly unravels–a little here and a little there— and before we know it those seasons have turned into years. Over time we laugh, we cry, we grit our teeth. We grieve the passing of people in our lives, our youth, and every other loss that comes our way. For some, the grieving takes over their lives and finding reasons to celebrate take an enormouspic_0092 amount of searching. Like everyone else, I’ve faced my share of grieving and loss, but through those times I’ve tried to see the good. Life is to be celebrated, a journey of our souls, an adventure that takes us far and wide.

This weekend is a celebration of sorts for me in more than one way. First, WordPress informed me that this is my four year anniversary for blogging. Not so shabby considering I’ve seen many bloggers come and go. Some I still miss and wish they would suddenly be struck by the blogging bug.

Also, I’m celebrating the fact that I’m off to hear Wayne Dyer speak in Halifax tomorrow. Some of you might remember me mentioning him from time to time on this blog. I’ve been a big fan of his for years and never dreamed I’d ever get to hear him speak. A once in a life time opportunity I’d say!

There’s also the beginning of summer to be celebrated even though the days are now growing shorter. I’m looking forward to the warm weather, and all the work involved with the release of my book in September. I also recently learned that I’m to be a grandmother for the second time!

So many things to be celebrated.

How about you, do you have reason to celebrate?

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