Beautiful Blog Award

I have never thought of myself as someone who wins awards. I’ve always been the person who does well but seldom receives recognition in that way. (I could argue the fact that recognition does come in many other forms other than awards but I’m not going to.) Not meaning to sound pitiful here. I’m just stating facts.

But joy of joys I happen to have received a second blogging award last week. Am I on a roll or what?

This latest award I received came from Carol A. Garvin which she called the beautiful blog or blogger award. As Carol suggests there is more than one definition for beautiful and so she choose to give the award to bloggers whose “words either educate, encourage, or inspire me”.

To have Carol choose me as one of the recipients means a great deal. Carol has quickly become someone I look up to in the blogging world and her comments are always encouraging and insightful. And so I thank you Carol for choosing me as one of those worthy of this award.

Here are the rules for this award: copy the logo, choose those blogs that you find most beautiful (whatever your definition of beautiful might be)and then link back to the person who chose you.

It took me some time to decide who to give this award to. I don’t follow a lot of blogs because time doesn’t often permit it and I wanted to narrow it down to two because two seems like a good number. I know Carol has already sent this award to my first choise but I have to agree with her whole heartedly. So excuse me Jody/Carol for being repetitious. I just can’t help myself.

1. Jody Hedlund-–Not only do I absolutely love the look of Jody’s blog but the content is equally great.

2. Susan R. Mills—-“A Walk In My Shoes”—-Love all those shoes and I’m not even a shoe person…go figure. Susan’s posts are always a delight to read.

It you have time check out these two great blogs and see if you don’t agree with me!!

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