The Wall

Yesterday, I took a trip to the Annapolis Valley. We ended up in Aylesford, the little village where I went to elementary school. That was a few years back. It’s a nice little village and nearly an hour by bus when I was growing up. One of the things I remembered about the village was “the wall,” where young people used to hang out. I guess all small places have their “hang out ” spots. There was nothing fancy about the wall, it was just a wall that sometimes had graffiti written over it. Not so nice if I remember correctly.

Here’s what the wall looks like today. As we came out of the drug store the wall was directly in our view and I snapped these photos.

DSC03339As someone who loves history, I simply fell in love with this mural. It’s like a step back in time, showing what this little village once looked like. I have no idea who the artist is, but I think this is such a great change from what used to be there.

DSC03345DSC03343DSC03344DSC03342Sorry about the ridge of snow blocking part of the painting, but that’s winter in Nova Scotia. This is such a wonderful idea and a great way to preserve the past. It helps makes us conscious of where we come from and how things have changed over time.

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