Not Changing My Christmas Day Plans

Lot of interesting things going on at the moment concerning the pandemic and once again people have been asked to change their holiday plans.

We started hearing that 20 people could gather, which quickly dropped to 10, but seriously, I’m just not changing my original plans. I’m not.

Last Christmas my husband and I spent the day at the hospital with my mother who was not doing at all well. It was a quiet, miserable day confined within the walls of the hospital. The man in the next bed had ALS and couldn’t speak but came over with his tablet and wished us a Merry Christmas. It was touching. Turkey dinner was served to my mother, but she hadn’t been eating for many days prior to Christmas. That day was no different. Honestly, it didn’t look that appealing. We tried to get her to take her medications. I can’t remember if she did that day, but my thought is that she didn’t. Most days she wasn’t able to even do that. She remembers nothing about last Christmas and so you might wonder what point there was in our being there in the first place–but there we were and I don’t regret it. It was Christmas and Christmas is for families. At that time each patient was allowed two visitors for the day. We probably stayed eight hours.

Weeks later, we were able to have turkey dinner with more of our family which was absolutely delightful. While we are told that Christmas is December 25th and we should celebrate then, the actual celebration is only a part of what Christmas is about. Many of us insist it’s about family and spending time with loved ones, and if that is the case why are we so hung up on it being that one specific day. Being with family can be a special time, any time. Don’t take the people in your life for granted or the time spent with them. There people who live far away from their families and rarely get a chance to spend time with them, while others get to see family every day. If you believe and celebrate Christmas as being the birth of Jesus, there are likely many ways for you to honour that on December 25th without having a house full of people.

One year later, we’ll again spend Christmas dinner with my mother but that has been the plan all along– the three of us for turkey dinner. What’s wrong with that? The size of the gathering does not determine the amount of joy you feel in your heart on Christmas. Big gathering or small, it’s still Christmas.

Later, in the New Year there will be time to spend with our kids and grandkids. Yes, it’s Christmas and Christmas is for families but so is every other day of the year. I guess what I’m saying is that there’s no point in getting hung up on a date on a calendar page, enjoy the time you have with your family or friends whenever that is. Those moments are precious and we never know when they’ll come to an end.

Like I said, not changing my plans. And I’m fine with that. Last year sitting at my mother’s bedside has certainly made me appreciate the Christmas we will have this year.

I’m not sure if you’ve changed your holiday plans and whether that has been disappointing for you, I really hope it hasn’t. My wish is that you enjoy the day and have someone to share time, some turkey and memories.

Time Stealers

Earlier this week I emailed writer friend, Syr Ruus, and asked her to send me some time. She didn’t.  Which didn’t really come as any big surprise. Yeah, it was just a joke, but I did think later it would be kind of neat if we could put in an order for time just like that. Time seems to be one of those things that are constantly in short supply. Or is it simply because we try to cram too much into our days?  Is it even logical to try and fill each  moment? Or do we all need a little down time?

We all lead busy lives and hardly does it seem there is time to just sit back and relax. When I get a few moments my nose is either stuck in a book or else I’m tapping away at the keyboard.

I have been limiting my Facebook time lately. While it’s fun, and I like keeping connected with my friends (Sorry, Sheila, I didn’t know about your trip until it was over  🙂 ) Facebook can be a time stealer. But not to blame Facebook alone, it takes an interested party to partake in Facebook games and constant status updates. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing for everyone, but for this writer it can mean the difference between winning at Luxulous or writing a novel. Sorry, I have to say; I’ll take the later.

Not to be down on Facebook. I like  Facebook. It’s a great way to connect with people we  wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to, and  I do  believe this connection  with others is part of what gives our lives meaning. Without some human interaction I’m not sure there would even be a point to life.

I wonder if part of the reason we all seem to complain when it comes to time is that we’re too hard on ourselves, expecting that we’re super-human and can accomplish more than is reasonably expected. When we fail to meet our expectations, we chastise ourselves for coming up short. Some people make lists to keep themselves on track, which is a great idea, unless we add too many items to that list. I’ve said several times on this blog that I’m not a list-maker, but from time to time I’ll write down the things I want to accomplish in a day when there are many things that need my attention. But once I start I find it difficult to stop listing, and instead of setting down realistic goals I’ve added so stinking many items I’d have to stay up half the night to get it all done. When it comes to list-making I get a failing grade.

There’s really no point in blaming time for our shortcomings.  Time is a constant. It’s been there since, well, the beginning of time. There are 60 minutes in ever hour, 24 hours in every day—no more, no less. You’d think by now we’d get used to that and learn how to utilize our time in more productive way instead of  complaining about the lack of time in our lives.

 What  are the time stealers in your  life? Do you struggle to find the time to accomplish your goals? Do you ever worry about wasting time or are you happy with all that you accomplish in a day? Do you make time to just relax?

Me Time

I’m about to do something I haven’t done before. I’m calling it quits, giving it a rest, taking a little me time, in the summertime. Time for some fun time, in the sun time, working time, writing time, family time, precious time.

This break from blogging has been something I’ve been thinking about for some time. To those of you who faithfully check in, I love you all heaps! Your comments often help brighten my day. You’re all so witty and smart and I love it when you make me laugh.


Not sure how long this will be. Could be a few weeks, could be longer. Just know I’ve got some serious writing I want to get done, and I need to focus on that. Feel free to follow along on my Facebook author page if you wish. Just hit the “like” button to the right, and if I have any writing news to share you’ll be the first to know.

I’ll leave you with this quote I shared on facebook a few months back.

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.~~ Carl Sandburg

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