…way out here in Dalhousie


“…way out here in Dalhousie” is a blog about rural living in Nova Scotia. The title of this blog comes from a line in my first novel Bitter, Sweet which was set in Dalhousie, the place I have always called home. If you’re living in a rural part of Nova Scotia, or even if you are far removed from rural living, this site might be of interest to you. Just click on the link HERE.

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  1. Hi again! We live in a rural part of Missouri and that’s what I’m trying to base my blog on!


    • Welcome again! Rural Missouri sounds interesting. I don’t know a lot about that state. I look forward to learning more.


  2. i have been following for some time but today after reading a comment you made on Patti’s blog about the storm, I decided to find out where you were. And when I saw Dalhousie I immediately thought of Scotland. I lived in Scotland for 8 years early in my married life and loved it. However, it’s the wrong Dalhousie. But I am glad I found out where you live. 🙂



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